Ignition Switch Electrical Portion Replacement

The electrical portion of the ignition switch assembly provides power to electrical components such as the stereo, windshield wipers, and electric windows. The ignition switch also supplies power to the starter motor, which enables the engine to start.

A problem with the ignition switch may make it impossible to start the engine, continuously or intermittently.

To replace the electrical portion of the ignition switch assembly, the technician must remove the trim panels around the ignition switch and disassemble the steering column. S/He then removes the electrical portion of the switch assembly and replaces it with the new component. Finally, the technician reassembles the steering column components and replaces the trim panels.

Some manufacturers supply just the electrical portion of the ignition switch (separate from the entire assembly), so the entire ignition switch assembly doesn't have to be replaced if only the electrical portion has failed.

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I agree completely, the ignition switch is the most important switch in all motor vehicles. Its important to have a quality switch capable of going the distance to avoid horror movie scenarios. You know the ones, where some psycho calmly walking towards the frantic victim who is desperately trying to start the car and screaming "come on".