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Ignition switch contact failure on Chevrolet Cavalier

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Engine would start then immediately die, after a few attempts the engine would then start and run normally. It was found that when the car died the radio would not be on. Detent had been lost between run and key-on positions of key switch, so the force of the start return spring caused the switch to go to the almost off position, where the engine red light, ecm, etc would come on but not the fuel pump, and radio would be both off.
Car won't start . lights on dash come on fuel pump comes on but the starter will not turn over. Got new starter but still won't crank
The fuse in the fuse panel inside the vehicle only reads hot on one side for my ignition switch. When I bypass the system and run a hot wire directly to the fuse it will start the vehicle but any movement breaks the connection and the car dies.
The car shifter will not move from park and the car will not start. The engine tries to turn over but doesn't start.
Put key in and turned, the hazard lighted blinked and the service light came on. Drove home, turned the car off and back on. Noticed an ozone sound when I turned car back off and on. Service light went off.