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Chevrolet Cobalt Ignition Key Stuck Due to Failed Shifter

Chevrolet Cobalt Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Drive Trains Affected: Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission

Average Mileage: 75,299 mi (11,400 mi - 169,345 mi)


The automatic transmission shifter in floor console may fail causing the key to become stuck in the ignition lock cylinder. GM has recalled 2009 models for a shift cable issue which may or may not contribute to this issue. For more information on the recall please click here»

  • , , Automatic Transmission

    I have had the same problem of the ignition not turning to the off position to release the key. I am currently checking on the recall due to this issue. This will be the third recall on this car since I have had it. I hate this car and would not recomend that anyone buy one!

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  • , , Automatic Transmission, 44,000 mi

    Had this problem of the ignition not turning. The key can be inserted and removed without issue. First thought it was the wheel lock, but dealer determined differently. They stated the ignition cylinder was bad and replaced it. That was about three months ago. Today, the same thing happened. Called the dealer, and they are towing the car to their shop.

    GM, I think it's time for a recall on the ignition cylinder. It's obvious there are issues, so STAND NEXT TO YOUR PRODUCT!

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  • , , Automatic Transmission, 56,000 mi

    went to start car, no electrical power, key was locked in cylinder, car stuck in park

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  • , , Automatic Transmission, 50,000 mi

    I have the same problem.Is there a recall for the 2006?

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  • , , Automatic Transmission, 49,500 mi

    I bought my 2008 cobalt used 6 months ago and this is the 2nd time the key has gotten stuck in the ignition while in the on position. I could not turn the car off. We had to unhook the battery and fuel pump fuse to get the car to shut off. The first time i got a new key. This time we put some oil in the ignition console. I will never recommend this car to anyone.

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  • , , Automatic Transmission, 24,500 mi

    Car Stuck in the ignition and battery went dead.
    Key had to stay in the ignition until I got a new battery.

    I now see there are many complaints about this happening.
    Also I see that some have gotten their fixed with a recall, yet when I look up the recalls for the 2007 Chevy Cobalt, I don't see the recall for it?????
    Where can I find the recall and get my car fixed also?

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  • , , Automatic Transmission, 40,000 mi

    when putting into park the key gets stuck in the cylinder lock and takes a long time to get it out

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  • I put my car in park, took the keys out of the ingnition and got halfway out of the car as it was rolling forward in the parking lot. I jumped back in and stepped on the brake. Thank god no one was in front of the car at the time. The dealership charged me 300 to fix it. Then later there was a recall...

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  • , , Automatic Transmission, 88,120 mi

    key was stuck in ignition and would not come out untill it was jumped started

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  • , , Automatic Transmission, 60,615 mi

    key gets stuck in ignition when shutting off the car. Search shows that this is a common issue with cobalts.

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