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Engine Misfire Due to Faulty Ignition Coil on Kia Amanti

Problem Description and Possible Solution

An engine misfire may develop due to a failed ignition coil. Our technicians tell us one coil is used for each cylinder. If one fails, often times another is not far behind. It may be worth considering replacing all the coils if a failure is encountered.

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Kia Amanti Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 124,095 (59,000–209,800)
3 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006
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Its not been fixed i cant afford it the key for one wouldnt turn over the the next. Thing i know my car wouldn't turn off .. Then backfire ...i am single struggling mom in this world and just too expensive.. To fix.. This many people saying the same thing i thing there a recall needed...
Talk about sticker shock!!! The Kia Amanti is designed like everyone is a millionaire. I have only owned my Kia since July of 2013. The car is really a beautiful car. Maintaining it is another story. I just took my Amanti in for a tune-up at a local repair shop and was given an estimate of $429.00 for spark plugs and new wires. After my heart started beating again I had no choice but to make an appointment for the tune-up. I used to do all of the repairs on all of my cars, but now I don't even know where to begin.. (But I'll know soon with how expensive repairs are on this car). Back to my tune-up, I took the car in and had a full inspection on the car and with 152,00 miles I expected the car needed work. I found out that the tune-up on the car wasn't the biggest issue. I needed the ignition coil replaced.. Not 1 but 3 coils at $175.00 a piece. $525.00 just for parts... Are you people serious? After the work was completed and $746.00 later, I came home and began looking up parts for the Amanti, coils, spark plugs and new wires. What I found was this engine is so complex in it's design and so expensive to repair, that I am starting Monday to look for a new car. What I found out while looking up replacement parts for my Kia Amanti is that not only does this engine have 3 ignition coils, it also has a coil on the spark plugs at the cost $165.00 and you need 6 of these coils, again, are you people serious? Back to my tune-up. I have completed thousands of tune-ups over the years on my many vehicles without any issues. I have excepted the fact that engines are built so much more efficent today and the on-board-computers makes it difficult to DIY repairs any longer and so it costs more to have the repairs completed, I get that. But who's brilliant idea was it to design and engine that has to be disassembled to change spark plugs???? That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Which is why my tune-up is going to cost $429.00 and take a minimum of 3 hours. I have been fortunate in my life for being very mechanically inclined. I have saved a lot of money by completing repairs of many things around my house and my automobiles. Unfortunately, I became disabled in 2003 and I am on a fixed income. I cannot afford to pay these types of costs for repairs on a vehicle. As a DIY mechanic since I was a teenager (I'm now 62 YO)and it seem as though all designers of automobile engines put "0" (zero) thought into the mechanics in the field. I can't afford to keep this car as it needs more repairs that I can't have completed due to the expense.

A very frustrated consumer,
Terry Counterman
Engine would miss fire heavily, usually at take off. Replaced 3 front coils, which tested bad - while car is running spray with water bottle to test coils
Trouble light came on around 175,000 miles. Got a tune-up, replaces plugs and wires. Trouble light would come back on. Mechanic reset it several times and then cylinders 4&6 showed up failing. Looks like an ignition coil replacement is the proper repair. WOW are they expensive.