Idler and tensioner pully. on Chevrolet Aveo

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2005 Chevrolet Aveo - 1.6L 4 Cylinder 75,000 mi,
I had new cam belt and water pump replaced as recommended by GM/Chevy. They did not replace tensioner pully. It flew apart in less than 100 miles. That blew all the valves. Had repaired. Total cost over $1600.0. Nothing but problems since. Another $500.00. My advice, get rid of Chevy Aveo and never buy another GM product!!!

2005 Chevrolet Aveo - 1.6L 4 Cylinder 53,506 mi,
The plastic idler pulley sleeve disintegrated leaving the bearing part of it attached to the block and spinning freely. Which as we all know caused slack in the timming belt and allowed the valve train to jump timming and allowed the valves to hit the pistons. WOW a catastrophic engine failure due to a $53.58 part that is designed with a metal center bearing and a plastic outer covering for the belt to ride on, oh and by the way the new part is designed the same way. I had purchased an extended warranty for 84 mo. / 90,000 miles which expired in july of 2012, the GM was 36mo/36,000 miles. The car exploded on 2/19/13 I contacted the extended warranty company and of course they denied saying it expired 7/2012. I towed it to a shop I have used before and he quoted around 1500-1800, he said GM should be held liable so I contacted GM and they said it would have to go to a Dealership to be looked at. So I had it towed to the Dealer Service Dept. where I had to agree to a $400.00 est fee if not fixed there "so after GM Rep and my mechanic both and only 53,506 miles said it should probably be fixed". Well $3,000.00 est. and a big NO! from GM, I argued with them over and over to no avail. So I had to pay the $400.00 est. fee " SUCKER" and towed back to my mechanic to fix. The head was sent to a machine shop to do a valve job, head gasket, valve cover gasket, water pump, timming belt,2 tensioners,idler pulley, drive belt, spark plugs & wires, new head bolts, main seal, oil change, coolant change and its going to be around $2,000.00