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Mitsubishi Outlander HVAC Temperature Knob Hard to Turn

Mitsubishi Outlander Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Average Mileage: 98,438 mi (20,000 mi - 185,000 mi)


The heating, ventilation and AC (HVAC) temperature control knob may be hard to turn. Mitsubishi Motors has released a service bulletin out outlining the necessary repairs. Repairs involve installing a new air blend door lever and link, lubing the blend door track, and installing a filter on top of the blower motor housing to prevent entry of dirt and debris. If the temperature control assembly has been damaged it will require replacement also.

  • Same problem.

    Here is the service bulletin with instructions to fix it and parts needed.

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  • , , 85,000 mi

    broke knob right off when trying to turn

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  • , , 62,000 mi

    Broken temp knob like everyone else. You think Mitsubishi would take care of this being such a common problem. But that would be the right thing to do and NONE of the auto makers can seem to do the right thnig!!!

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  • , , 100,000 mi

    was always hard to turn but now can not switch from ac to heat

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  • my ac / heater blend knob was hard to turn and I ended up breaking the shaft the knob connects to. I was able to find thru searching the web a fix I found out Mitsubishi has replacement gears to replace on the heater blend door. I was able to buy form my Mitsubishi dealer the replacement gears for $28 and todo the repair my self was super easy. the gear are located on the drivers side under the dash next to the gas pedal to small screws and two wire connections. I need to replace my controller but haven't found it cheap enough in a self serve auto yard yet. but I highly recommend to pull out you controller and lube the gears on the controller too. again another easy fix just pull all three knobs and to small scews

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  • , , 100,000 mi

    knob broke off always hard to turn. looking for used unit but its $1000 bucks used and not installed.Mitsubishi needs to come clean on this.

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  •  Rookie

    The A/C control it's hard to turn on, the ventilation come in out very warm, and in a few second feel the ac works good but sudenly stop the fresh air,and start to feel hot again and again. I need to know what's the problem with mi car. The a/c fan some time works and somet time it doesn.t but the temperature indicator les than an half. The temperature I have no problem. Only in A/C on.

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  • , , 70,000 mi

    hvac knob difficult to turn

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  • , , 66,205 mi

    Same Exact problem as this post. Could not have written any different than is explained as follows:
    Running heater or AC would erratically produce a horrible loud noise from the glove compartment area. I removed the glove compartment and surrounding containment parts and found the blower and filter assembly. I removed the blower motor (easy) and the fan from the motor and found a fine layer of black dust. My first thought was bad bearings (BTW I know nothing about cars). I sprayed some WD-40 in the moving parts of the motor and replaced the fan. I reinstalled the blower motor and we had not noise for 2-3 months. Now making noise again so I'm shopping for a blower motor for a 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander but all websites showing pictures show a different blower motor than the one I'm replacing. I can't find the one that was in my care anywhere, nor can I find any info advising of a change or model number. The model number from the sticker on the motor is CSA431D214A and Made in Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD. A Google search for that model number only returns a few hits and they are all European. My car was manufactured in March of 2007 and the blower motor shows a manufacture date of February 2007. I don't want to pay a dealer for such an easy part to replace but I'm not sure how to find the right motor.
    The search continues

    ME:Going to dealer Will follow up on results

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    Bulletin Number: 455003 Bulletin Date: 20040301 Category: 138130 VISIBILITY:DEFROSTER/DEFOGGER SYSTEM:WINDSHIELD:CONTROLS/WIRING

    Hav had no repairs done at this time.

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