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HVAC Display May Become Dim or Go Out Completely on Buick Regal

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The display on the heater and AC control panel may become dim or go completely blank. Our technicians tell us the control panel must be replaced to correct this fault.

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Buick Regal Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 112,615 (52,000–192,000)
8 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2011
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HVAC Temp. display not working. Odometer & gear shift position display not working. Just purchased the car a couple of days ago and the Odometer/Gear Shift display was working when I test drove the car, but was VERY dim, but now has cone completely out. The HVAC temp. display was not working when I bought it. Have not tried any repair yet. Just now searching the net for suggestions. Bob
Illumination of the odometer, heater display and driver info unit are all controlled by a series of 0.5 ohm resistors on the printed circuit board of the affected unit. With some effort and skill you can take the dash apart pretty easily and replace them with resistors available at Radio Shack. I had this happen and for $3 worth of resistors and a couple of hours time I had everything working 100% again. You can find short video's on You Tube on how to do this repair.
I have a problem with my HVAC control being very dim and hard to read, especially in the day light and even at night.
I never had it fixed. It is still dim to this day so I operate blindly by counting the clicks. Unit still works fine. Also, it will randomly light up fully but very rarely. I don;t know what triggers this.
Electronics are failing starting at 125000, the heater display went out, Then at 175000 the driver information panel went out, now at 219000 the odometer has gone out
HVAC display dim or not visible. Display will come back briefly (few seconds then fades) if front face is tapped.
The Illumination on the climate control goes out only when the lights come on. If the lights are off you can see the temperature settings. Light on you can't see it. Any ideas. Thanks Dave
HVAC and dash display failed. Went on Youtube and watched videos on diagnosing and repairing lost display of dash lights, ability to dim dash lights, and no display on climate control and odometer. Replaced dimmer switch that can be found behind knob that turns on head light. Think dimmer controller switch was $60 from auto parts store (Auto Zone, Pepboys,etc). Occasionally the odometer display is still not visible, and to fix this you have to remove dash, and also gauge cluster. Four specific resistors on back of gauge cluster need to be replaced and new ones soldered in. Can be accomplished for under $15 (cheap soldering gun and $3 for resistors at RadioShack). I had never really soldered before and ended up frying the circuit board on the AC unit. GM wanted $467 (roughly), and i found a used one on Ebay for $50. I should have watched several more tutorials on soldering, but I had an abundance of false confidence that i had to pay for. Some many DIY and How To videos on YouTube one can really learn just about anything they wanted t. Save a bunch of money, and learn something new by using all the resources available online.
The problem is not fixed. The display for the temperature and climate control console is blank how do I fix it
2000 Buick Century 2000 LED on heater control module has a burn spot on upper left screen and the Display is too dim to see!