Honda Civic Problem Report

Honda Civic Hood Release Cable May Break at Handle

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On some models the hood release cable breaks at the hood release handle.

The plastic part broke off the cable but the cable is intact. I now carry vise grip pliers in the car to open the hood. You will need to push the cable back in for the hood latch to catch. -
Handle broke and I now use a vice grips to open the hood. -
i went to pull the handle to open the hood and it broke now i have to use pliers to pull open the hood -
Broken handle on hood release cable. Replaced with dealer part . Cost about $25.00 & 2 hours of my labor. -
I use a pair of pliers to pop the hood now. Would need to replace whole cable haven't gotten around to doing it. -
use pliers to open hood -
Upon trying to open the hood release it broke. We have not resolved this problem. When we want to open the hood we use plyers. -
Hood release plastic handle broke off flush with cable end. Replaced it with home made metal tab. No more problem. -
Not fixed. I open trunk and pull wire cable on right that a mechanic found. This pops open the gas cap. -
no habre el capo -
Handle broke off hood latch release -
Hood release cable broke at handle -
I have to use a pliers to open the hood becuse the handle broke -
Handle has broken, but I can still pull the metal rod with my right hand causing the hood latch to release. Cable ties broken on the first try and are not recommended as a temporary fix. I have yet to replace the handle. -
Went to pop the hood, the release handle broke clean off...I have to use pliers to open the hood. -
hood release tab broken off. i use vise grips to pop hood, -
Release Cable broke. Never fixed it because soon the transmission failed. -
(Mileage estimated) The handle inside the cabin came off with my hand when I wanted to open it -
hood latch brook at handle. -
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