Mercedes-Benz SLK320 Problems

High Usage Vehicles May Experience Ignition Lock and Tumbler Failures on Mercedes-Benz SLK320

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Due to wear, high usage vehicles can experience ignition lock and tumbler failures. The ignition lock cylinder will generally require replacement to correct this concern.

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Mercedes-Benz SLK320 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 77,982 (35,500–158,000)
4 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004
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Just as described, key started getting harder to physically turn, had to jiggle both the key in the ignition AND the steering wheel at the same time. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds, sometimes 30 minutes. Dealer said it would cost $980.09 to fix, this included replacing both the "steering lock" and the ignition cylinder lock. I have to take my chances, because it should NOT cost that much. Dealership had never dealt with that issue or so they said; anyone with a tip on how to resolve without spending a grand on it?
Key will insert but it will not turn... moving the steer wheel the few inches allowed back and forth will eventually allow unlocking the ignition and starting the engine. another problem that has developed is that when putting the transmission in drive... it have stayed in 1st gear and will not shift.... would this be as any result of the ignition switch problem?
Ted T. Gilstrap 850-244-1814 U.S.A.
The key just quit turning on. Ordered new key and it still wouldn't work. Ordered new tumbler and the key will turn but nothing happens. Still not fixed.