Buick Century Problem Report

Buick Century Heater only works on high

(10 reports)

When the heater only works on high, the most common problem is a blower motor resistor. The correct repair is to replace it with a new resistor.

My heater only worked on high before, and when I would turn it on it would make a horrible screeching sound. The thermostat turned out to be bad, once this was replaced, it seems to work a lot better. -
My heater AC motor does not work on the lowest two settings. -
low does not work -
Heat only works on high. Have not got it fixed as it was winter. -
blower motor works on high only the resistor has been changed with no help, the temp. control panel has also been changed with no help what is next. -
No heat unless I turn it to high -
heater only works on high -
my heater only works on the high setting, when i turn it on high it makes a loud noise and does not blow heat. -
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