Chrysler Town & Country Problem Report

Chrysler Town & Country Headlights will not turn on/off due to failing headlight switch

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Headlight switches can fail, causing the headlights to intermittently stay in the on or off position. Repeatedly turning the switch on and off may temporarily fix the problem. Replacement of the switch is needed to resolve this issue. 

Headlights wont turn on sometimes and will go out while driving, parking lights and tail lights do not go out, just the headlights. -
We have a 2006 Town and Country Touring. Our headlights go on and off randomly when van is in use and even when parked and just sitting in our driveway. Trying to figure out problem. Maybe the switch? Our brights work fine and none of the other lights flicker. It has worn down battery a couple times. :( not happy. -
leaving parking lot, I realized the lights did not come on after switching them on manually. Had to repeatedly move switch to on and off position to get them to work. Began traveling and 15 minutes later, at a 40mph speed, the lights shut off for about 20 seconds several times. -
Headlights flash on and off, but do not stay on. Also, while driving at night they lights were on and then automatically turned off. It was hard to see and luckily I was close to town. I am still searching for a recall on this problem. -
I've noticed the head lights do not turn off. I have to turn the switch off, on, and then off again to finally make them stay off. -
I have the same problem. My headlights will turn on and off by themselves, and sometimes I have to try to turn them off 15-20 times. This happens mostly when there is moisture in the air (I live in Southern Virginia, so like all the time). It's annoying and dangerous, and our Chrysler Dealership has basically said there is nothing wrong. We're switching mechanics. -
When turning on headlights, have to keep turning switch on/off before they stay on. Last night they turned off while driving. Had to pull over and turn switch on & off untill they finally came on and stayed on. -
lights turn off while driving and now my car won't start sometimes. not starter? Not battery?? maybe wiring?? -
Headlights shutoff briefly @ night. Have to turn headlamp switch numerous times to get lights to go off. Parking lights came on 2 times 1 night. Switch bad. -
when starting head lights blink twice and go out, tried everything , just will blink twice and go out. has done this while driving but has came on, don't do much night driving. that is why I seen much problem at night. -
The headlights of my 2006 T&C turn off/on randomly. It is dangerous when I'm driving down the interstate at 65 mph and there are no other lights around. Turning the switch off/on repeatedly does not turn them back on. Several times, I have been alerted to my lights being on in the middle of the night when they were not left on. This problem is ongoing and I have not had it looked at by a garage. -
I was driving at night and the lights suddenly turned off. The running lights work, the head lights do not. Toggling switch has caused them to come back on briefly. For the most part, this is extremely unsafe and a problem. -
Headlights turn off and on when I'm driving, notice if I hold the switch it won't turn iff -
While I was driving down a back country road my headlights shut off completely. This caused me to wreck and total my car. -
when i start the van the headlights will flash 4 times then stay off and will not come on. The brights will not work as well. I can turn them on and they flash one time then stay off. Only fog lights working. -
Headlight switch -
After I start my car and turn "on" my lights, the headlights (including tail lights will) will go off after a few seconds. Sometimes the dash lights will go out too, other times they will stay on. When I turn the lights "off" sometimes the headlights come on in the "off" position. But after a few more seconds the headlights will go out again and then I turn the light switch "on" and they come back on. So usually I have to sit in my car (while its running) for awhile and eventually the lights will come on and stay on. But lately this is happening more often. I have a 2006 Chrysler 300. -
Headlights shut off without warning -
just started working again. -
Headlight will not come on.Problem has not been fixed. -
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