Head lights Inoperable on Mitsubishi Montero Sport

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When I turn my headlight switch on the headlights do not come on, however the rear taillights do.

The headlights just stopped working. We have replaced the fuse and still not working. The alarm not longer chirps when locking. And the temp gauge will run hot for a few minutes and then go back to normal. This will happen frequently. All fluids are good and replace the thermostat. If anyone has an explanation, I would appreciate it!

Lights flicker then go out. will turn back on after a min but occasionally go out again. Happened 4 times on 60 mile trip. will be replacing the relay this week.

I've had the same problem I had to replace the light switch relay fuse & it fixed the problem BUT prior to fixing it I had to have an alternator replace twice which cause high voltage problems which blew out every fuse when replaced. My alarm & horn sounded muted & my overhead lights would flicker too. So, this may be the problem...alternator issues:-(

Would like to know how to fix this problem.

I had the same problem and it turned out that both lamps blew out at the same time. I replaced both and now they work fine...Unusual for it to happen at same time but it does...