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Head Lamp Switch May Fail on Chrysler Town & Country

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A failing head lamp switch can cause the head lamps and/or instrument cluster lighting to flicker or dim. The head lamp switch should have a noticeable click between each position; a "mushy" feel is a strong indication of a failing switch.

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Chrysler Town & Country Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 120,528 (33,000–210,000)
10 model years affected: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, more2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011
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Low beam driver side HID headlight won't work even with new bulb. High beams are fine. The old bulb looked good but I changed it anyway. Still doesn't work.
headlights flickered and did not illuminate while in the on position BOTH HEADLIGHTS QUIT WORKING. I HAD TO PULL OVER BECAUSE I COULDN'T SEE ANYTHING. I HAD TO WAIT TILL DAYLIGHT BEFORE I COULD DRIVE AGAIN. I sat for about 15 minutes and turned the car over and the headlights came back on
driver side low bean does not work. started after a company charged my battery. Everything on the dash flickered and then when I cut the lights on one low bean. High beams work
My 2000 T&C minivan seems to be haunted. When I turn the headlights on, both headlights flicker on and off quickly, plus all the electrical door locks open and close quickly by themselves repeatedly. Plus the back windshield wiper starts by itself without me turning it on. After about 3-5 mins. of this, however, everything usually stabilizes, and the headlights stay on, the back winshield wiper stops, and the door locks stop clicking up and down. There is under the hood an a black rectangular plastic box that houses many of the car fuses as well as about 15 relays. There is a separate relay for the high beam as well as for the low beam headlights. When the headligts are flickering on and off, the relays are also going on and off very fast making a lot of noise. Starting today 9 15 12, my headlights do not work at all except if I pull toward me and hold the turn signal/high-low beam combination lever. I am not sure if the problem is a loose wire in the steering column, a bad relay, or some other problem. I am afraid of taking it to just any car electrical place because I am not sure they can figure it out even after paying a big diagnosis fee. Any ideas - please contact me 949 872 8358. I will report back to this website how I fix the problem if I fix it. Thanks.
When starting the car in the dark the headlights flicker several times then stay off. Its happened several times and still hasn't been resolved. I've tried cleaning the grounding straps under the battery, re terminated the plugs under the electrical module. All was well for a couple weeks then the problem came back. I replaced the light switch which seem to work just fine but later that evening when it was dark it happened again, lights flicker and stayed off. I'm very frustrated and don't seem to get no direction from area dealer. Now I'm going to search out a possible relay.
headlights go out while driving-turn on & off they usually come back on. sometimes they won't turn on- have to play with switch
Headlights won't come on. High beams will come on only with switch held. Got pulled over for "driver's side headlight out," althoughwhen I was pulled over it appeared to be working fine. Cut lights off and back on, and they did not come on. Had to drive the rest of the way home with high beam switch pulled back in order to have headlights at all.
Headlights flicker on and off. Then will not stay on at all. Sits for awhile then comes back on. Never know how long this will be.
The headlights won't turn on each time I turn the switch to luminate. I have to switch it off/on, sometimes 5 minutes, before they will come on. Often while driving, they will also flicker on and off. Checking on a price now to replace the switch.