Head lights went out while driving on Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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Mine don't go out while driving but the headlights don't come on when ever you start the car. No matter what position of the headlight switch is in. Auto or manual. The parking lights always come on. The head lights come on after you pull back on the MultiFunction Handle. Occasionally they don't. Also when you unlock the car with the remote the lights used to flash. They no longer do. I'm wanting to fix this before it gets worse. Lights so far don't flicker or anything driving. I'm leaning towards the MFH but for the price I don't want to commit.

I have a monte Carlo 2001 and the low beam headlights dont work what could be the problem

Headlights will not come on at all parking lights work but headlights will not come on automatically or with Manuel switch how do I fix this problem

I was driving early one morning and it was dark out. All of a sudden my headlights went out. I hit the dimmer switch and they came back on, but while driving home the same thing happened again. I took it to one garage and he could not figure out what the problem was. The next time I drove after dark, the same thing happened again. I took the car to different garage and found that the multi function switch in the steering column was bad and replaced it, costing me almost $800.00 I felt this was a huge safety problem and should be recalled especially after reading on line of other people with Impala's having the same problem. I called General Motors and of course they denied there being an problem with the switch.

When turning on bright lights, sometimes all headlights go off. Sometimes you can just shut them off to get lights back quick, but sometimes that does not work either. I have not gotten them fixed, so far I just never use my bright lights.
I think there should be a recall on this.

Love my car but I dimmed my lights while driving only to lose all headlights. I switched back to high beam and low beam again and they came back on. This has happened several times so I only drive with low beam lights. The switch in the steering column seems very mushy when you switch from Low to High. I have not had it diagnosed because I kinow I wont be able to afford to fix it.

headlights go out while driving, sometimes they come back on when the headlight switch is pulled but go back out almost immediately. everything else seems to work as it should.

The part of my lights do not come on just the high beam if you pull the switch

I am having the same issue with my car now. Just recently started happening. At random times, the headlights will go off while driving. I haven't taken it to the dealer yet because I was interested in seeing if there were more of the same out there. It seems that it is not just mine and it seems to be common in the 2004 model. I guess I will have it diagnosed.

Intermittent failure of low-beam headlights, usually when switching from high-beam lights. Seems to be a faulty switch like mentioned in other post. This morning, low-beam lamps would not light at all, but parking and high-beams work. Definitely a safety issue. Will not buy GM ever again if there is no recall soon.

I have no low beam headlights. Even the high beams shut on and off randomly.

auto headlights will not always come on. I use the manual toggle. shutting auto off, sometimes lights wont turn off. switching from low to high beams, head lights will shut off.

Headlights go out when the high beams are activated. Pull the switch for the low beams and the lights come back on. Had this same problem on my 2003 monte carlo before I traded it in. Have not had it diagnosed or repaired. Just stopped using high beams. Seems to be a design flaw in the switch.

Was driving at night. Went to dim lights lost all headlights
still not working maby wiring
Not switch .bulbs.fuses .or relay

Same as everyone else, only different year for the car. High beams and parking lights work, low beams don't. This should be a recall if it is happening over several years of the make.

Stopped using high beams.

The lights randomly go out, usually when changing from high to low, or low to high beam. If I jiggle the handle back and forth, they come back on sometimes. Sometimes they do not, then I have to pull over and shut off and restart the engine then they come back on.

Headlights went out while driving. Pulled switch on and off and the went back on (automatic headlights)

just started

Same as everyone else.