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Harsh transmission shifting due to failed input speed sensor on Isuzu Ascender

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The transmission may develop a harsh shift condition with the Check Engine Light on and fault code P0717 stored. This is commonly cased by a failed input speed sensor (ISS), located inside the transmission. The wiring at the sensor may be found damaged. If so, the sharp edges near with ISS wiring should be filed smooth to protect the new speed sensor wiring from damage.

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Isuzu Ascender Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 111,601 (84,000–180,000)
Drive Trains affected: 2WD, 4WD
6 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, more2007, 2008
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Was going down hwy and it started to jerk a little almost bogged down, and after I came to a stop at stop light and began to accelerate the transmission just sounded like it was spinning and not engaging or something // after parking an turning off engine for a few and restarted it engaged and pulled off but after take off would not change gear and started making the spinning noise again. so now it is sitting in the parking lot at the local station..
Same thing, hard time shifting into gears, sounds like its racing, odometer and rpm sometimes work most of the time not.
No solution yet. Was told that I need a new transmission after putting in transmission fluid because problem was not resolved. Im getting a second opinion and asking what the code/s are.
my isuzu ascender 2005 model (limited edition) hardly shift transmission gear from 3-4. my email address is
I just purchased this vehicle 8 days ago and within the past 3 days have experienced harsh shifting of the transmission. While I am going under 50mph it seems as if the transmission doesn't want to shift at all and the rpm's go crazy. When I am going about 70mph on highway it does ok. I am very worried, single mom here cant afford a new transmission. I plan on giving the car dealership where I purchased my lemon and really big piece of my mind!