Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Problems

Convertible Models may Deploy the Roll Bar When Driving Over Large Bumps on Mercedes-Benz CLK350

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Going over large bumps in convertible models may cause the roll bar to deploy, rendering the roof inoperative. Special tools are generally required to return the roll bar to its stowed position.

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Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 55,545 (20,000–125,000)
4 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
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First the please release roll-over bar light came on a few days before then the light reset itself a day later
then the headrest deployed while the car was sitting still at a red light
75,000 miles. Roll bar deploys - smooth road, uneventful driving. Four occurrences, restowed roll bars four times, replaced actuators. No help. Would replacing sensor be a fix?
Roll bar light came on several times and reset itself. Last week it came on and the headrests came flying up with a bang after hitting small bump on highway. Concerned that there might be a malfunction of the system, I took it to
Dealer. They said the soft top control module in the trunk was bad. I have an extended warranty on the car so they are replacing it now. Not sure of the cost but it's not cheap.
It happens randomly - not just when I hit a bump - sometimes when driving on a highway and the headrests pop up - it is enough to give you a heart attack! I took it back to a Mercedes dealer twice and was charged $150 each time. Then I looked up the problem on the internet and found a you tube video on how to reset with a tool you insert on the left side of the headrest and find a small lever that you press while pushing down on the headrest. However, it is a recurring problem and I would like to disable the feature.

CLK 350 convertible
Safety head rests deploy randomly even when standing at the traffic light. Very annoying !!
Mercedes did not want to fix it during the warranty period!!!!!
Re occurring problem, back seat head rest deployment for no reason.
How do I fix this annoying problem?
Roll Bars deploy at bottom of steep hills upon reaching bottom of hill or hitting road bumps and pot holes.