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On July 5, 1996, Geo recalled 965 Geo Tracker. The steering wheel center hub to spoke weld can fracture.
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Geo Tracker Recall Details

Summary on July 5, 1996
The steering wheel center hub to spoke weld can fracture.
Year Affected:1994
Summary on July 1, 1996
The fuel tank on these vehicles can become punctured by a fuel tank flange attachment reinforcement during rear-end collisions. this does not comply with the requirements of fmvss no. 301, "fuel tank integrity."
Year Affected:1996
RepairPal Expert Overview on May 17, 1996
The front safety belt buckle release buttons can break. these red plastic release buttons are marked "press." if a button breaks, pieces can fall into the buckle assembly causing the buckle to operate improperly.
Years Affected:1990, 1991
Summary on May 18, 1994
The right rear and left axle shaft housing tubes were incorrectly welded and can fracture. fracture of the rear axle shaft housing can result in separation of the affected wheel assembly and separation of the brake line.
Years Affected:1993, 1994
Summary on January 24, 1994
These vehicles were assembled with a lower steering shaft that can separate due to a mislocated weld.
Year Affected:1994
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