Gear shifter goes from park to drive with no effect. Won't engage the transmission. on Oldsmobile Silhouette

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Called a tow truck to tow me home because I was stranded at a bank. Engine would start but transmission would not engage into any gear and the shifter lever could be moved from park to low drive with no effect.
Solution : Remove the air filter assy and you will see the linkage loose on top of transmission.
Reach way in there and push linkage back on to transmission arm . YOU WILL HAVE TO PLACE SHIFTER INSIDE TO THE RIGHT POSITION TO GET IT TO LINE UP. Push it back on and you can drive now !
Happened two times to me in 6 months so far. I assume the linkage end is worn out causing it to pop off transmission.
I baby it now and no problems. Happens only when shifting from reverse to drive too fast.

I can't shift

AS mentioned. Removed the air intake and found the linkage and snapped it in place. I will look for a new one soon.

it changes gears but won't move