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Check Engine Light and Erratic Fuel Gauge Operation on Isuzu Rodeo

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The fuel level sensor may fail resulting in erratic fuel gauge operation and illumination of the Check Engine Light. Replacement of the fuel sender assembly is recommended to correct this concern. A powertrain control module (PCM) software update may be necessary for the updated fuel level sensor to read correctly.

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Isuzu Rodeo Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 142,091 (132–245,166)
5 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002
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My fuel gauge is way off right after I replaced the fuel pump module. Found a service bulletin saying that computer needs to be re-programed when you replace module. I will try and get it re-programed soon and I will let you know.
I have started having the problem of my fuel light starts flashing and then my gas needle will start stopping. As soon as my light stops flashing, my gas needle will rise back up. I have changed fuel regulator and the fuel filter. I have not had it fixed, cause have no idea what is causing the problem. Any suggestions?
My fuel gauge reads empty with a full tank. Replaced the dash cluster as well as the fuel pump/sending unit. ZZStill the same problem.
At approximately 50,000 miles the fuel gauge began reading empty when I knew it was more than half full. It was replaced under warranty. Then it occurred again at about 150,000 miles. The fuel indicator would go down much faster than fuel was actually being consumed. Sometimes it would work correctly, sometimes not. The problem continued to get worse, but I never had it replaced because I felt the estimates I was getting were too expensive when I could just estimate my fuel level by the odometer. Now, at over 300,000 the fuel gauge barely works at all and I'm also having issues with the check engine light coming on intermittently, or flashing. I didn't think the two issues were related until I read this, though I did have a mechanic tell me they may be related last summer when I had the catalytic converters replaced. Yeah, I know, I should have listened. Isuzu clearly had issues with this fuel gauge, maybe that's part of the reason they couldn't succeed in the most lucrative auto market in the U.S.
Gas gaude is bouncing around and the low gas warning light comes off and on as the guage moves. Haven't fixed it yet..have other more pressing issues...AC pump went out...sigh. BUT..still love the car.
A Firestone mechanic replaced the fuel pump. The gas gauge now reads empty all the time. The vehicle has been in the shop for almost 3 weeks and they still are unable to get the fuel gauge to work.

After putting 3 different fuel pumps on my Rodeo, Firestone took the Rodeo to a shop that specializes in Isuzu's. The new shop fixed the problem. According to Firestone, one of their mechanics had inadvertently broken a wire that was not supposed to be broken. The new shop replaced a wiring harness and now the fuel gauge works.
Replaced the fuel sending unit in my 98 Rodeo 3 years ago ever since I replaced it fuel gauge reads empty. Read that it needed new software update to fix this problem. Have had it to lots of garages to see if they can fix it. Nobody has the software. Does anyone know if there is any place around Lancaster, Pa that might have the software?
Gauge does work suddenly as of two days ago, but only while idling, put it in gear and accelerate and the needle goes back down. I always fill completely every 300 miles. Manual transmission.
When O filla gastank my Guage works properly but in about 20 min later it drops and starts to blink but stays flashing while driving good at times it stays lit don't go off and needle Guage drops and won't move
Check engine light comes on, gas light comes on sporadically.
Error code indicates fuel level sensor.
Ifailed fuel pump. Stared for a couple minutes then died and won't start, also happened a few months back but only replaced the filter.