Fuel Pump Replacement

The fuel pump creates pressure in the fuel lines, which pushes gasoline through the fuel injectors and into the engine.

Good gas atomization ensures maximum power. To ensure good atomization of the gas, it is injected into the engine under high pressure. The fuel pump creates and delivers pressurized gas to the fuel injectors.

The fuel pump is located either in the fuel tank itself or under the vehicle near the fuel tank. If the fuel pump is in the fuel tank, there may be a removable cover under the rear seats or trunk floor that allows access to the fuel pump. On many vehicles, if the fuel pump is in the fuel tank, the tank must be removed from the vehicle to replace the pump.

Gasoline is highly flammable. When replacing the fuel pump, the battery must be disconnected from the vehicle and proper safety procedures followed to avoid fire and personal injury.

Mechanics' Corner: More Technical Detail

When considering fuel pump/fuel supply issues, remember that both fuel pressure and volume must be correct.

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I just had the fuel pump and filter replaced on my E150 Ford comercial van. It cost me $782.00 with tax. I think I was over charged.
It should have cost 150.00 for parts at most and 240.00 to 300.00 for 3 hrs labor.
BS! The pump alone for my 2004 Ford Explorer was $415.19 straight from the dealership, 3 hours of labor at a respectable shop = another $360.. so $800+ out the door
Just had a fuel pump replaced for 1200 flipping dollars-what a rip off-wish I would have known about this site before we got the repair!
2002 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3 $535.48 Replace fuel pump and filter $510.00 Labor But they do give a life warranty on part & labor and they print it on the work order. And it seems that I have read were there have been issues with these pumps.
Well, I would feel like I just got raped if someone charged me $782 to change mine. It depends on whether they just change the pump itself or the whole assembly that goes with it. Why on earth do people think that at a "reputable" repair shop should charge more money anyway? I can get this pump for around $80 at NAPA, and it shouldn't take more than 3 hours labor, which shouldn't be more than $180, total cost: $260. Repair shops charge LOTS because we are willing to pay it.
Fuel pump, relay & filter replaced in a 2004 VW Passat wagon for about $750. stated before, it will cost you about $700. for a Ford. My 2004 Escape had a failed pump ($416. OEM) Total for me was $744. with towing, oil change, and a new battery to boot.
Just replaced a fuel pump in a 97 Ford ranger. It cost me $90 for a new pump and took me 2 hours to replace. Heres a hint, pull the bed off instead of dropping the tank. If you have an engine hoist this can easily be done by yourself otherwise 2 people can lift the bed off.
You guys are nuts to pay that much. I bought the whole fuel pump unit with the fuel sender and a fuel filter $150 and installed both in a couple hours. There are plenty of places to shop online to get a good deal on parts and youtube has many how to videos so you know what your in for. This was on a 2001 BMW 325xi
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