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Erratic Fuel Gauge Operation on Chevrolet Trailblazer

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The fuel level sensor in the fuel tank may fail causing erratic fuel gauge operation. Our technicians tell us that on high mileage vehicles you may wish to replace the complete fuel pump module assembly if this condition occurs.

On certain 2005 - 2007 vehicles, General Motors has provided a special service policy covering the fuel level sensor, agreeing to pay 50% of the repair cost. This coverage extends for 10 years or 120,000 miles from the original "in service" date of the vehicle. Please contact your local GM dealer for more information.

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Chevrolet Trailblazer Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 90,905 (5,700–240,000)
7 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007, 2008
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I hope I am following all of the posting procedures.

Long story short, my Trailblazer (2006 with 46,000 miles) was suffering from the faulty fuel level sensor problem. I called GM (and the National Highway people) to lodge a complaint (I took it to a dealer, got a quote and then nearly passed out. I wasn't willing to pay $1000 to repair a fuel level sensor). A few months later, I was driving--with about 50 miles left in my tank, according to my calculations--and my car stopped in the middle of the road.

After a fruitless AAA experience (are you sure it isnt a fuse, the battery or you just ran out of gas?), I had it towed to a local repair shop. They said that they have seen a lot of the fuel level sensors go bad, and have seen an increasing problem with fuel pumps. Something about the sensor and pump being attached--one one goes bad, the other one is going to too. They replaced the sensor, pump and filter.

Again, totally dumbfounded as why this would happen to a car with 46,000 miles on it (I only buy Shell fuel and have used those fuel system cleaners in the past), I called GM again to voice my concern with my car stopping in the middle of the road.

After jumping through a few loops, they tell me that GM just (as in earlier this month) issued a special bulletin on the fuel sensor problem (bouncing back and forth for a while, then eventually reading "empty" all the time)--not a full recall. They will pay 50% of the cost to replace the fuel level sensor (including labor).

They wanted me to tow the car to a dealer--I quickly shut this idea down. I already had the dealer diagnose the problem, I wasn't going to pay for a tow (already used my AAA tow) and told them it would have been great if they notified me of the special bulletin when it was issued (because I specifically asked to be added to the list when I first called a few months ago). They transferred my call to an upperlevel person and he told me that I just have to take my paperwork to a GM dealer and they will process it for me.

I have yet to go get the paperwork processed (I only got my car back on Monday). I still want a full recall! I think it is absurd that they are essentially admitting that the parts fail prematurely, but they are only 50% at fault...

I'd recommend calling GM before you do anything--file a complaint with them and tell them that a 50% reimbursement doesn't cut it.
At about 50,000 miles, the fuel guage started fluctuating and finally stayed stuck on empty with the low-fuel warning light on. Then after a few weeks the "check engine" light started coming on, especially right after getting gas. We are using the trip odometer to tell us when to get gas, and my mechanic tells me it is $4-500 to repair the fuel sensor. This is a real problem for us because we have emissions inspection required to renew the tag and registration, and it won't pass unless this is resolved. REALLY needs a recall, especially with this long list of people with the same problem!
Fuel Sensor not reading I think Gm needs to take care of this problem at 100% of the repair cost being on them. I have always had good service when I owned my Ford tempo and Taurus. I will really have to think hard before buying another Trailblazer. worst car and service ever.Take reponsibilty for your defective parts GM!!
Few months back my gas gauge has went crazy! I have to guess on how much gas I have by the mileage used!The engine light also illuminates @ same time. I now see this is a common probelm & I have reported it too. It contantly "dings" low fuel even when full. I am uneasy every time I go out as when will the senser think there is no gas and just stop on the road? I am very concerned & uneasy now. Had this car since 17,000 miles & now over 80,000 & it has been very well taken care of too. Cant afford $800 plus to get it fixed and with the number of complaints I feel this is a recall issue.
My gas gauge ALWAYS reads EMPTY! I have to refuel every couple hundred miles to make sure I don't ever run low on gas. I was told by Chevy Customer Service to go get an estimate and diagnosis, paid $95 for this, then was told they were not covering any of the cost for fixing this problem because there wasn't a recall on it only an investigation so I paid $95 for NOTHING!!! I am VERY PISSED and I will NEVER purchase another Chevy again! I should have stayed with a JEEP! I've been dealing with this problem for several months now and it is a pain in the ass. $500 to fix the gas gauge problem and I don't have that kind of cash. A vehicle with this low a milage should NOT have this problem.
My fuel gauge has not worked in about a year. I was told it would be around $500.00 to be fixed. I just track my mileage now to know when I have to get gas.
This car has been nothing but a big problem since day 1. If this is a problem that other people have had then why are the makers not paying for them to be fixed :0(
At 50,000 miles my a/c stopped workin and so did my fuel gauge and I just had to replace water pump. They need more recalls on these trailblazers.
I filled my car with gas and when I started it afterward the fuel gage showed empty and never came up. Pushed ONStaR and they told me maybe I need to get gas. I told them I just filled it. They asked me if I have a leak, I told them it would have to be the size of a baseball to run out that fast.called GM customer Service.Got it handled for 250.00 for new fuel sensor cuz I told them I wouldn't pay more. The estimate was 750.00. So call GM.
Gas gauge shows empty when tank is completely full. After about 40-50 miles starts working right....then goes all over the place. Sometimes empty, sometimes quarter full.
car says low fuel and warning light come on after fill up, gage is irratic dropping to empty in seconds and will on occasion float to half.Will it stop with gas it?
Fuel gauge does not work at all. Was informed it was the sinding unit in the tank. Was not fixed.
I have fuel level sensor problem I purchase the part from them for $135 to do it myself I'll be taking it back as I just found the same part for $28 bucks
fuel sensor failure. Shows error code and fuel light and check engine light on. Talked to GM / Chevy Customer Relations... There is a "Special Coverage Bulletin #10054" that covers this issue and they will fix it for FREE. Customer Relations @ 800-222-1020 called my local dealer on my behalf!! That is Good Service!
Fuel level is is up down and all around. Reads empty when full, 1/2 tank when full. Drops to empty slowly over 1 - 2 minutes. When I stop the engine and restart everything just keeps repeating. As far as repair. Don't have the $450.00 to replace the sensor in the tank. Just going to wait it out until the fuel pump goes out too and then only have one labor bill to replace both.
My gas guage always reads empty. I use my fuel used guage to keep from running out of gas. Sorry no solution.