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Erratic Fuel Gauge Operation on Chevrolet Blazer

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The fuel level sensor in the fuel tank may fail causing erratic fuel gauge operation. Our technicians tell us that on high mileage vehicles you may wish to replace the complete fuel pump module assembly if this condition occurs.

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Chevrolet Blazer Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 129,543 (15,000–255,750)
11 model years affected: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, more1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
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had the fuel pump replaced at 93000 miles and it is doing the same thing AGAIN! Chevy manufacture knows about the continual problems of the BLAZERS but REFUSES to do any type of RECALLS. We must unite in this cause because all of us owners will be subjected to these different and very costly I might add! problems if we don't do something now
I hear about more and more problems about this blazer no matter what year you own. CHEVY needs to own up about it's problems that all chevy owners have not just the Blazer series and yes we have 3 Vehicles that are Chevy's LOL and this fuel gage is the same in all of ours but more predominately in the Blazer (my car go figure the one that does the most running around) other mom's and dad's know what I am talking about LOL.
When the problem first started the gas gauge would fluctuate from full to empty very often. Now it stays above 3/4 of a tank at all times except when idling, then it goes all the way down to E and the low fuel light comes on. When you let hit the gas it goes back up to 3/4-full.
Erratic fuel gauge operation. "Service Engine Soon" light comes on because fuel level sensor is drawing too much voltage.
Well we are back to the 97 Blazer with more fuel gauge issues. The issue is the gauge isn't reading accurately once it gets down to 8 or 9 gallons of gas in the tank. The tank is a 19 gallon and it is in the very back because it's a 2-door model. After driving for more than a half hour the gauge will sneak it's way down to almost empty and sit there. Once I shut off and restart the Blazer the gauge will start reading closer to where it should be but is still off (lower) by about 1/8 of a tank. I also noticed when I first turn the key to the ON position but, not actually start the engine the fuel gauge will spike all the way past the full mark super fast then drop down towards a more actuate reading. It never did this until last night. Finally I am also getting gauge fluctuation when I step on the brake pedal, turn off or on any lights or accerories. The fuel gauge will move it bit and return to it's current location.

Back in March of this year I replaced the fuel pump and sending unit in the tank along with the 4-pin wire harness connecter. It seemed to correct this issue with the gauge not reading correctly and drifting to empty when I still had almost a half of a tank. Now the problem is back! I soldiered and heat shrunk the new connector for the fuel pump/sending unit to the main harness to prevent connection issues. I also used and AC-Delco pump/sending unit. To be honest this issues has gotten old. I was wondering if anyone out there has solved this problem and how?

I also wanted to mention that I did some research and a few people online mentioned a "Fuel Gauge Buffer Module" under the glove box that is present in 1997 models and could be the cause. Anyone have any successful feedback on this? Thanks for reading!
fuel guage bounces at will from full to empty will stop momentarily then start bouncing again.very unreliable.also has heater flap door broken AGAIN!!!!!
I own a 2002 Chevy Blazer that has 100,000 miles on it,at around 60,000 miles i began experiencing a problem with the fuel gauge bouncing between empty and full the gauge would settle to the empty mark with about a half of a tank of fuel. i also noticed that when this condition would occur if i would shift from drive to park then back to drive the fuel gauge would would come of the empty mark and settle around the half tank mark.
i have noticed that this is a common problem with the Chevy blazers and believe that Chevy should have realized by know that this is a common problem due to defective components and should stand behind their product and do whats right issue a recall and fix the problem
Purchased 2004 Chevy Blazer LS, 2dr, 4wd on 07/30/11 from dealer with recorded 79,322 miles. Displayed current PA emissions and inspection stickers with dates 6/2012. Vehicle gas tank was filled immediately after purchase. Drove 75 miles after fill up. Next day, upon starting vehicle low fuel light came on. Drove vehicle about five miles and low fuel light went out. The gas gauge reading went from full to 3/4 tank to 1/2 tank back up to 3/4 tank, then continued to float until settling at about 1/2 tank. 4 days after purchase, 08/03/11, instrument panel gauge assembly replaced by independent mechanic, due to low fuel light on and faulty fuel gauge reading. 08/09/11 after market fuel pump assembly (indicating at least one prior issue) replaced with GM OEM fuel pump. Documented mileage on repair order, for both repairs, 79542 miles. Cost of instrument cluster, $285.00. Fuel pump assembly list price, $536.44. Total cost of repairs $1029.23 with labor included.
Once my Gas Gage is at 1/4 tank or less, it tends to flutuate down to
below empty & may stay there for awhile. Very undependable when travelling & trying to make it to the next gas station those times you are close to empty. Also I've noticed when I put the Blazer in Park , the gage will move if 1/4 tank or less & drop down below empty causing fuel lite to come on. Never sure what decides if my Blazer has gas, the sensor which is saying below empty OR the actual fuel in the tank which isn't much but 1/4 tank . Haven't gotten this fixed yet as I've heard fuel sensors are cheap enough but ya gotta drop the gas tank to change it which costs $.
Will update once fixed....agree GM should be recalling this...very common, everyone I know that owned a Blazer has had this problem. Cheers
The gage would show full after a gas fill up but would soon drop to showing no fuel and then it may jump up to show fuel. Then the gage would show no fuel even with half a tank. I will probably have to replace the entire fuel pump which contains the fuel level sending unit.
I have the same problem AA mini vans have like the VENTURE I have had three, the rotten stickin feul level gauge should be recalled it has never worked sinve 20,000 miles, NOBODY seems to care, some hints, as an electrical guy, it seems it could be due a wiring, crapper connector, maybe plug perhaps underneth vehical, FOor a while i could effect the gauge and bruing it "true" by BANGING ON THE GAUGE AT THE DASH OTHER TIMES WHEN I PURPOSELY HIT BIG SHARP BUMPS ESPECIALLY while backing up it would go back to true for sometimes days, cheys's input was ho hum, buy another car jackass, I am going to longer buy american because they arn';t americans any longer they are gov't run communists and completely irresponsible ! JM in Jax fl.
My gas gauge jumps up and down. When I turn the vehicle on it shoots up to full then drops to empty triggers the fuel light to come on and then sits at about a half a tank. After I start driving it will then go to where I believe it is probably correct. All through out my driving it will do this. Drives me nuts!
Fuel level sensor would jump back and forth. Mechanic replaced the fuel pump and fixed the problem.
Always reading E.was working on and off for long time now stuck on empty. Just replaced fuel pump and still not working.