Park Avenue

Fuel Gauge on Buick Park Avenue

Problem Data
Average mileage: 143,000 (106,000–202,000)
3 model years affected: 1995, 1999, 2000
12 people reported this problem
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Haven't fixed it, but looking around for a answer. My needle jumps randomly and will not show me how much is in the tank. If i have more than a half a tank of gas it won't go lower than the top of empty while jumping around.
When replacing the battery I accidently touched my wrench from the positive terminal to bare metal which caused my fuel gauge needle to go completely around to the stop pin. Had to use the trip mileage for the last 5 years to gage when to fill the tank. Found out on this site that a magnet placed against the plastic directly in front of the needle and rotating it counterclockwise would put the needle back in position. Did this and now works fine. Should have searched this site long ago.
Thank you for posting the solution to this problem of using a magnet to reset the relay. I can't tell you how much this annoyed my husband and myself to have to use the trip odometer in order to keep track of miles driven so we knew when to get gas! This fix worked great. Thank you! Just wish I had googled this question two years ago. Even the Buick dealer didn't know this solution.
I bougjt this car second hand , so the gauge had always been inaccurate. It fip flops back and forth. I actually have to count tbe gallins i put in and use to dtermine how much i have inside my tank.
It look as if one of the relays stuck killing the power from a brand new battery. Supplier replaced new battery with new. Was unable to locate problem but suggest a relay stuck causing this problem. Gauge became bad. Used hd magnet to move to sensor in needle. Works fine again, second time with problem