Volkswagen Tiguan Problems

Decreased Power and Fuel Economy from Carbon Buildup on Volkswagen Tiguan

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The Volkswagen Tiguan uses the TSI direct injection engine. This engine is subject to carbon buildup in the intake system which can cause power loss, OBD codes and a check engine light, and a rough idle. In normal engines, the engine is cleaned by the gasoline flowing through the injectors and into the intake system, however, since the Tiguan uses direct injection, gasoline does not flow through common carbon buildup areas. 

Possible trouble codes include: P0300P0301P0302P0303P0304.

The solution is to remove the intake manifold and professionally clean the intake manifold, intake ports on the cylinder head, and the intake valves. This may need to be done in as few as 20,000 miles. 

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Volkswagen Tiguan Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 41,000 (41,000–41,000)
Engine affected: 2.0L 4 Cylinder Turbo
8 model years affected: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, more2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
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Bought certified used in January. Currently back at dealership for 3rd time. First time engine light came on I was glad- knew it wasn't running right, felt like it wasn't shifting properly (auto not manual) and had a very rough idle- the light proved I wasn't imagining it and it wasn't due to winter temps. Fuel injector cleaner added, codes reset. Ran slightly better, idle not as rough but still seemed to struggle with acceleration. Engine light comes on again less than a month later. Stuff was removed and cleaned and some other stuff was done that was supposed to be labor intensive. Cylinders misfiring and other nonsense. Whatever. Codes were reset so no more light. Tiguan still not running right. Skips and hesitates on acceleration. Engine light on again, back to dealership for the 3rd time. Been there 5 days now, still no word other than a voicemail left a day after drop off informing me to keep driving loaner because they're not noticing any of the issues i described happening while driving it. I'm not imagining it and feel insulted by the insinuation. Also, my Tiguan GUZZLES gas. Not sure if relates to ongoing issue or if it just really sucks on gas. I'm pretty mad about my LEMON.
MIL came on dealer checked , misfire cylinder #1 no apparent cause, three weeks later MIL on after rough idle at start. back to dealer , needs to be decarbed for $ 755 and a day at the dealer