Front Door Arm Rest May Break on Honda Fit

Problem Description and Possible Solution

One or both front door armrests may crack. Our technicians tell us a revised door panel is available to correct this issue.

Problem Data
RepairPal Verified
Average mileage: 50,376 (9,000–150,000)
4 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
37 people reported this problem
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Driver's side door arm rest cracked with a hole under the fabric, uncomfortable and from what I hear a very common problem. Whats up with this Honda?

09-11-14 *UPDATE* Got a call from the service manager of local Honda dealership, he ordered the part for me and they will repair it. He said I will only pay 10% of whatever it is and if I pay $20 thats a lot. Appointment is for next week to install the part. Once I get it I will remove it and build up the area where it split with epoxy to hopefully strengthen the weak point to prevent it from happening again. I will believe when its all done, if they fix this the way they did Honda might have a solid customer. I thought service like this was a thing of the past? We shall see.
Divers armrest began to soften and buckle then one day I opened the door and the leather open and essentially burst. Also the cente panel is beginnig to buckle as well.
Honda Accord LX 2008- leather door frame, arm rest and center console- all bubble and crease. This is an issue with the 2008 Honda Accord. The dealer fixed it as it happened soon after I purchased the car- within 4 months- both the driver door and console. Now, it is not covered and I would have to pay for it to be repaired. It looks terrible and apparently is vinyl, not leather, I have read. My solution is to fix it myself or pay through the nose to pay for poor quality to begin with, which is probably what I will end up doing some day. Such a shame! Car looks good at first, but I don't think is as nicely made as I had thought originally.
Accord is an EXL, leather package but center and door armrest's are not leather on mine. The center armrest bubbled up and cracked the the the right front did the same thing and now it looks link the right door panel is bubbling up. Expected more from Honda.
This isn't a structural or performance issue but just one of those little things that go bad on cars far too soon.
2 months after buying car new the armrest cracked....had it replaced under warranty...4 months later it cracked tired of leaving car a dealer. still cracked.
This happened to mine shortly after I bought the car used at 37,000 miles. I haven't fixed it yet. This really should be a recall item since it happens to so many Fits.
The arm rest under driver's left elbow has broken for the 2nd time in a year. It is still under warranty, so they will replace it, but they indicated it is not a normal problem.
LEFT ARMREST CRACKED UNDER MATERIAL'SOFT & spongey, cheap plastic not ABS like the rest of door panel. Not resolved as of yet,car is still under warranty & American Honda has offered a discounted repair,$130 to me on my cost,so much for the Honda warranty. The rep from Am Honda was not friendly & dissmissive of the Honda three year 36'000 mile waranty & not admiting to the on going problem.
Driver side armrest frequently came loose, and then eventually the plastic tab that holds it on the top / rear side broke. Very poor quality.