Honda Civic Problem Report

Honda Civic Front Compliance Bushings May Crack

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Front compliance bushings may crack and break. Damaged bushing should be replaced before damaged is done to suspension components.

Right side bushing was completely destroyed causing a clunking noise over uneven roads, and left side was cracking. Replaced the lower control arms myself. Easy fix using basic tools and total cost was around $130. -
Went to Honda for oil change and now they tell me I need a compliance bushing rair for $480.00! I can't afford this so I may need to stop driving for a while. No more Hondas for me. -
Diagnosis around 80,000 miles. They were replaced by the dealership. -
Bushings are cracked in the front. I was told that it was pretty typical wear and tear for this mileage. Requires bushings to be repaired for around $700. -
Front compliance bushings have been cracking and now need to be replaced -
my left side bushing also broke, front end made a lot clicking sound in sharp turns. Replace with new. -
Same issue, was told by the Honda dealership mechanic that the bushings need to be replaced. He pointed it out to me and I looked and that was the case. Quoted $385 to replace both sides at Norm Reeves Honda at Cerritos. -
Compliance bushings tearing, not yet repaired as I've done this twice already. -
car shudders on acceleration and decelleration, vibration all the time -
No explanation how it happened...haved fixed yet at 56,000 miles -
I don't know how it happen , and how much price -
Went in for my normal maintenance-problem was discovered and taken care of. Seems like it is a common problem although I have not received a recall notice on it. $500 to repair. -
Took car in for inspection and was told front compliance bushings are cracked. Didn't get quote - not repaired yet. -
Went to dealer for recall items, told me that the bushing were crack & would cost $325 to fix, will go to my own mechanic & get it done for 1/2 that. -
Honda CR-V -
Honda Service mentioned the bushings last time I was in. I already had them replaced once before somewhat early on, maybe 100,000 miles ago or earlier. I'm not noticing any issues with driving, handling so ignoring the expensive problem for now. -
Compliance bushings clunky $589 to replace with an alignment at autofair honda now they squeak like a stuck pig !!! dealer failed to lube them up when installed. But the car drives like a new car. -
Both compliance bushings torn. Service advisor says this is common at this mileage. $536 to replace at Honda dealership. -
Quoted $522 for replacement at a Honda dealer -
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