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Front Compliance Bushings Cracked on Honda Accord

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It's very common for the front compliance bushings to crack and require replacement. You will most often be notified after an inspection while your Honda is in the shop for general maintenance. Some Honda owners have reported noises from the front suspension at low speeds and over bumps as well. The bushings are located in the front control arms and can be replaced separately from the control arm. 

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Honda Accord Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 99,905 (15,925–246,000)
14 model years affected: 1997, 1999, 2001, 2002, more2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
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Had a recent Intermediate service with Showcase Honda and was advised that the Lower Front Compliance Bushing will need to be replaced and will cost $535 to get it fixed. I haven't done the fix yet for I wanted to make sure it really needs to be replaced. I was amazed that when I started the research and found out that the bsuhings will only cost me some $12 to $40 price range. So technically the labor charge will be between $450 to $500 price range which is rediculous.
I may just buy the bushings and find another shop to get it fixed for a lot cheaper.

Does anyone think that this should be a recall issue by Honda?
Took car in for oil change told brushing cracked and was a compliance issues and could be dangerous. It appears this a major problem so why is this not a recall issue.... All I do is buy Hondas ... Not sure I will purchase another Honda
I took it in complaining of squealing turns and shuddering during braking. After two hours they call telling me that a compliance bushing was cracked. Allegedly, this was causing the stuff I noticed as well as excessive wearing on the two front tires and on the brake pads and/or rotor. I'm not a car expert, and I don't know a good mechanic, so I'm just going to pay and be done with it. $437.00 was the quote.
2010 Honda Pilot steering wheel started to shutter when braking at high speeds at 52,0000 mile despite recent front alignement and new brakes. Honda dealership said left compliance bushing was cracked and leaking and left control arm was worn. They replaced both. Total was $600, $327 for labor and $273 for parts. Dealership said this is a common issue and if there is a recall in the future I would be eligible for reimbursement. Seems like when I google comliance bushings problems Honda is the only manufactuer that has this problem. It is ridiculous that steering components would be failing at 52,000 miles.
I took my car in to the dealer for another issue and decided to also have them perform the 150,000 mile maintenance. The service manager called me and told me that the compliance bushings needed replaced.
Took my car in for a recent service (oil change) at my Honda Dealer and was advised that my front compliance bushing needs to be replaced at a cost of $480. Coincidentally, my front breaks need to be replaced as well...

Apparently, this seems like a common problem. Hopefully, it will be recognized as a Honda recall...
went in for basic service and told compliance bushings were torn. replaced both for $350.
Brought the car to Sears and they could find nothing. I have no symptoms but when I went to the dealer for an oil change they told me that I had a beginning problem then weeks later someone called from the dealership to offer me a 10 per cent discount on the $450 quote to fix it, plus alignment....WHO AM I SUPPOSE TO BELIEVE????
Same as many other posts...Wife took 2007 accord (V6 ) in for oil change at Honda dealership and was told front bushings cracked- about $500 to replace... possible air leak in Power steering pump or may need replacement..$476...also timing belt and supporting components were "due" according to time schedule-$915....oh, and hood springs were worn - replacement was near $200-250..We are in Sacramento area. Obviously getting other quotes but Good Grief! - Anyone have a better/reasonable and honest service provider in our area? Please advise
Same deal, went in for an oil change/inspection, got a quote for $475ish for replacement of the Compliance bushings. Going to do it myself for like $30.
Took my car in basic maint. and was told my front bushings were torn. Dealership covered the cost-was told it was covered under extended warranty.
Compression bushings cracked. Cost quoted $500. Have not had work performed. Should have been a recall or at minimum discounted cost in view of the magnitude of problem covering so many model years.
Was told that my bushings were cracking. Asked if it needed to be dealt with now, told NO. Now my car is making hideous squealing noises (230K) and may be that. Damn. Thinking of NOT going to Honda for this, the dealership here in Maine is not as good as the one was in California.
i was told about this problem at 50000, took it to honda and they pretty much said 'too bad' and you will have to pay $1200 to fix it. i didnt expect crappy quality from honda or crappy customer service. (san tan honda)
I initially had my front compliance bushings replaced at 62,600 miles. The repair was done by a Honda dealer and cost nearly $650. Luckily the replacement was covered by my extended warranty. While it has been 5 years since the replacement, I've only put 26,000 miles on the car and they need to be replaced again now at a cost of $800. This does not seem right and agree that this issue may require a recall on the parts Honda is using. Suffice to say that I will not let Honda replace them again and will buy my own moving forward.
Honda Accord in for oil change. Told compliance bushings starting to crack. Something about end links and alignment as well. Told to monitor the problem and that it was a $700 repair.
Car shudders when accelerating, hearing a lot clunk sound.
Dealer price to replace both lower control arm bushing + alignment $520
We just spent $495 to replace the crankshaft pulley, key & belt

Wow, not sure about another Honda.