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On August 7, 2006, Ford recalled 1,200,000 Ford Explorer. On certain trucks equipped with speed control, gasoline or natural gas engines, the speed control deactivation switch may overheat.
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1998 Ford Explorer Recall Details

Summary on August 7, 2006
On certain trucks equipped with speed control, gasoline or natural gas engines, the speed control deactivation switch may overheat.
10 models affected
RepairPal Expert Overview on August 29, 2003
On certain sport utility vehicles equipped with high back seats, the upper bolt on the driver¿s side high back seat, that attaches the seat recliner mechanism to the seat back frame, could fracture. if the bolt fractures and does not jam in the seat back frame, the seat back may recline until it makes contact with an object behind the seat, such as the second row seat cushion.
3 models affected
Summary on June 4, 2001
This is not a safety recall in accordance with the safety act. however, it is deemed a safety improvement campaign by the agency. equipment description: ford is replacing all firestone wilderness at 15, 16, and 17 inch tires mounted on ford trucks and suvs. ford reports tread separation can occur due to a combination of the sensitivity of the tire design to stress, aging, and manufacturing differences between plants. ford is replacing these tires to prevent possible premature tire failure. vehicle description: the vehicles listed below may have been originally equipped with firestone wilderness at tires or may have had wilderness at tires installed during the firestone recall launched in august 2000. certain 1991 throught 2002 ford explorer certain 2001 throught 2002 explorer sport, and sport trac certain 1997 through 2002 mercury mountaineer certain 1991 through 2001 ranger certain 1999 through 2001 expedition certain 1991 through 1994, and 1997 model year f-series certain 1991 through 1994 bronco note: both original equipment and replacement tires are affected.
9 models affected
RepairPal Expert Overview on March 5, 2001
Vehicle description: sport utility vehicles equipped with 4.0l sohc engines and still retain the original throttle body (part numbers 97jf-9e926ab or 97jf-9e926-ac). some of the original throttle bodies installed allowed a gap between the plate and bore to be built too narrow. this reduced clearance allowed the engine deposits normally present in the throttle body to contact or bridge the gap. if the engine deposits bridged the gap between the throttle plate and bore and then hardened, on the initial application of the accelerator pedal after the engine has cooled, the operator would need to apply additional force to the accelerator pedal to break the bridge.
2 models affected
RepairPal Expert Overview on August 26, 2000
Tire description: firestone wilderness at, size p235/75r15, produced at the decatur, illinois tire plant and all firestone radial atx and radial atx ii tires, size p235/75r15.operation of these tires at low inflation pressures, high speed, and in hot weather, can contribute to separation of the tire tread.
9 models affected
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