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Faulty Limit Switch May Prevent Moon Roof From Closing on Honda Accord

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The moon roof may not close all the way because of a faulty limit switch. The headliner must be removed to replace the limit switch.

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Honda Accord Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 131,750 (88,000–215,000)
2 model years affected: 2003, 2004
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have to push several of moonroof buttons to get it to close all the way ea time! replaced roof switch on dash but did not help! now I know what fix to do! ty!
bought this car used w 88000 miles on it and power moonroof switch only closes roof if I press tilt feature button and then it stops when it is almost closed and I have to then press close switch to finish closing it! pain in the butt! will replacing this limit switch solve both problems? I replaced moonroof swith on dash but no change!
First began happening when it was very hot, now it hppens all three time. Moonroof will close most of the way, then stop. Press the tilt button, it then moves the rest of the way, but with the rear edge still in the dropped position. Finally, press the close button again and it then fully closes. Works every time. Mechanic told me he'd need to remove the headliner to repair it.