Ticking Noise From Engine Area Due to Faulty Fuel Damper on Nissan Murano

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A faulty fuel damper can produce a ticking noise, which can be heard inside the cabin when the engine is idling. Replacement of the failed dampener should correct this problem.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 91,601 (120–155,000)
4 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
29 people reported this problem
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Ticking sound when using accelerator. Doesn’t happen when idling or coasting, doesn’t change with speed. I’m broke and nervous to even guess what this is going to cost.

Anybody with any insight on this issue? Help please.
sounds like an exhaust leak inside cabin only while idling turns out to be the rear firewall side fuel damper. Just another thing wrong with this lemon of a murano I have, three new cats, exhaust manifold, o2 sensor, wheel bearing, axle seal, tie rod inner and outer, rear hatch door lock, air mass sensor, drivers seat broke, glove box broke, cd player won't work just the tape deck and radio, get the picture, Nissan missed the mark on this one, don't bother to complain to them they don't seem to care. My last Nissan I'll ever buy.
My engine makes the same "Chugging" sound when it's idling. The warmer the engine is, the louder the sound becomes. I just had the dealer look at it and they confirmed it's a faulty fuel damper. The dealer wants $500 to fix it, but now that I know what the problemm is, I think I can get a local mechanic to fix it for less. It doesn't affect the saftey of driving the vehicle, but the sound does get worse. I spent a pretty penny on this vehicle and it sounds like it's 50 years old. Yet another disappointment with Nissan
Ticking noise at very low idle... Once the rpms go up the noise disappears. I've been told the fuel dampers were at fault... Any help??????
Same thing....kind of like a motorboat sound at idle....said it was Fuel Damper....replacement $375.00
Faulty fuel damper. Newton Nissan wants $665.00 to fix this but local mechanic can fix for under $100.00. As many people I have seen report this I'm surprised it hasn't been a recall & Nissan fix it for free!
No solution as of yet, but can hear what I can only describe as chopper blades in the distance. This only happens once car has warmed up, and is more noticeable inside the cabin as opposed to outside. Here in the UK Nissan would like £172.90 in exchange for each damper Funny hey!