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Faulty 3rd gear assembly causing shifting problems on Honda Civic Si

Problem Description and Possible Solution

On the Si, a faulty 3rd gear can cause problems shifting into third gear. Removing the transmission and replacing the third gear assembly is required to repair this issue.
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Honda Civic Si Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 62,318 (15,000–108,000)
Drive Train affected: Manual Transmission
3 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008
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I bought this car used at 60,000 miles. 3rd gear routinely pops out when driving. around 80,000 miles 5th gear began to get a notchy grind every time I shifted into, and sometimes would pop out while driving as well. Dealership nor extended warranty offered to fix. Never buy a 2006 Honda Civic Si.
I first reported the troublesome 3rd gear a month after purchase. I still have problems with it and just found out there was a TSB on the problem. The dealership never informed me of it. I plan to go in with a copy of the TSB and have this addressed.
they took out my trans. and fixed the problem but also tore the boots on my struts/shocks and didnt make it right pretty sorry i thought also made me pay for part of my rental cause the warranty only payed for 7 days and it took them around 10 or 11 days to fix it also not very nice of them. i mean isnt that why i paid extra to start with so i wouldnt have to pay so much out of pocket
3rd grinds when i shift it from second gear i need help knowing what should i replace to fix this problem,
Is this true? I was having problems shifting into third. I thought it was me. I have 36,190 on my car now. I'll check with honda.
I have intermittent problems with 3rd gear. I have heard Honda will replace this at the dealership if you are under 80k - I have yet to try.