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Noise or Vibration When AC Compressor is On on Kia Sportage

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A defective AC compressor clutch assembly can cause excessive noise or vibration when the air conditioning is on. Improved parts are available. Replacing the faulty clutch assembly does not necessitate replacement of the complete AC compressor or evacuation and recharging of the air conditioning system.

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Kia Sportage Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 81,964 (15,000–262,000)
8 model years affected: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, more2009, 2011, 2012, 2013
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The A/C blows cold air for a little while, then begins blowing outside air. It sometimes goes back to cold for a little bit, but always goes back to blowing outside air. I took it to be looked at & was told by my mechanic that it was a known problem with my Kia model year (Sportage, 2006). The clutch on the air compressor goes bad & that a lot of dealerships will replace the compressor, but not the clutch. This does not correct the problem though. Kia (where I currently am) has been giving me a hard time about it & said that they don't keep the product in stock & that it will take several days to get the part in. I don't have time... I am moving in 36 hours & need my car fixed now!
A/C quit working on our 2011 Kia Sportage. Was fairly abrupt. One moment the A/C was working fine, then the next moment it wasn't. Did that a few times. Now it doesn't work at all. We did not notice any odd noises associated with this failure.

We checked the charge, thinking it could have leaked out. No. We should have seen around 40 psi on the low side while the A/C was running. Instead, the pressure was so high it was off the scale. I would expect to see that if the refrigerant was not circulating. Hearing that other people have experienced A/C clutch failures, seems likely that's what has happened to us.

Because the car is just over 60,000 miles, the dealership will not fix this under warranty. They asked $113 just to diagnose the problem. If it is the A/C clutch, they ask an additional $475. Kia is not doing a recall either. I am not sure but it seems the clutch is integral. Only way to replace the clutch is to replace the entire compressor.

Since summer is nearly over, what we are going to do is live without the A/C for now.
Constant whine, getting worse. Dealer said it is the A/C "hub" (basically the A/C clutch assembly) Warrenty covers the compressor - but not the "hub". Can't buy the "hub" or clutch assembly from local parts stores - they only sell the entire compresser (clutch included)and dealer wants over $500 to just replace the A/C "hub". Can't afford to get this fixed.
First it blew cold air, then outside air, then back to cold air, then stopped all together...mechanic says it is the a/c clutch coil... I really liked my Kia at first, but it seems there is always something happening to it, the gear shift lock release broke, I can't get it out of gear now without a pen to push the button in and out, but since it was so hot this summer I am choosing to fix the a/c first...not to mention other little things that seem to break...I personally will never buy another Kia, and when asked by others I will not recommend it either.
My 2011 Kia sportage a/c comes on sometimes and works fine, but then it won't engage and blows hot. While it was working I checked the pressures and they were low so we charged the system and it worked for two days then stopped again. clutch not engaging. We just purchased the vehicle from a reliable dealership but haven't gotten it repaired yet. It sounds like the clutch is failing but when it works it works great . Frustrated since the dealer is 80 miles away ,we can't just up and drive to them on a whim
The AC works great but when the clutch engages it has a whining noise while it is engaged. Does the clutch replacement resolve this noise problem?
whining noise, took to mechanic and told me AC compressor needs to be replaced. Seems like a common problem in this vehicle!! not happy with the repair cost!! luckily he charging $500 instead of $900 the dealer wants.
air compressor clutch is rattling and making noise. of coarse my warranty just expired at 5 years. I think if this is an ongoing problem (from what I have read) the company should recall it and fix it. hopefully the clutch can be replaced without replacing the entire compressor. ive been a kia sportage owner since they first came out, never had a problem until I bought the 2008 but was treated very poorly at the dealer. it was kind of yeah yeah yeah what do you want to us to fix, at full cost to more good word of mouth compliments from me.....
The AC starts out ice cold and within 4 minutes starts getting warmer and then hot. I had the freon filled because I was told it was low and the gaskets replaced . Still not working. Replaced the Relay and still not working. Now it doesn't seem the compressor is on after a few minutes
My AC is switching on and off too! Blowing Cold then hot outside air! The first time this happened was at 70,000 miles. The compressor was replace in August of 2013. 11 months later the problem comes back. The dealer tells me it's not the compressor this time but the expansion valve and a leak in the high pressure hose. I wasted money to get this repair done as it did NOT fix anything. They refuse to help in any way at this point. I will most definitely not be buying anymore KIA's.
Ac clutch went at about 100,000 miles. I have to fix it, even though everyone I know who has same car is having the same problem!!!!!!
A/C was noisy when I first purchased the car. Being new to KIA I thought it was a normal engine noise. It just went out and I took it to Tire Kingdom and after two days and $200 still broken. Took it to KIA and they could find nothing wrong with car. It works and doesn't at random intervals. When it stopped working yesterday I went straight away to KIA and they saw now the compressor is gone and want $1100 to repair. The warranty went out at 60K miles. No flexibility from KIA. I pay full repair price.
I just spent $1200 on new ac and then see this my transmission is also sticking in gear on the highway
A/C clutch at 61,000 on my 2011 KIA Soul. Being told warranty won't cover it and extented won't either. No noise, blows, just no cool air. Dealership not helpful. Factory warranty and extended a joke. With all the articles I have read with owners having the same problem hmmmm manufacturing defect I truly believe it is. Makes my next car buying so much easier to scratch another make off the list. As for the dealership, they seems to want to make a stack of cash off the repairs. First quote $650.00. Lesson learned BUYERS BEWARE!
A/C hub makes loud whine trying to find just the hub but no parts house carry them dealer does but wants 140 dollars just for the part.
had a constant whine. Traced it to the pulley/hub on the air conditioning unit. They sell a hub unit so they say through the dealer but the dealer required that I put on a whole new compressor to the tune of $500. Dealer basically said they did not know of a "hub unit only"....of course not. And yeah, I had them repair it as other places that do service, mechanics, say they could do it but can't get the part. Real racket for KIA.