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excessive oil consumption on Chrysler 300

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Since my doughter bought this car in 2012 it has used about a quart of oil every 1000 miles. That is not normal by any standards. I've tried lucus oil additive with the 10w30 recommended oil viscosity but it still sucking it up. It dosent smoke or leak a drop and it runs fine-it just eats oil!! Are there any suggestions besides trying to sell it? My e-mail is
I have a 2007 Chrysler 300 3.5 liter v6. Today, my engine was completely gone of oil without any oil leaks it took about 6 weeks to do this. Any advice?
2006 Chrysler Touring 3.5 V6 uses a quart of oil in 1800 miles. I use Mobile One 10W30. I tried Valvoline and Pennzoil and it seem consume even more oil with those brands. From what I hear this is a common problem and Chrysler doesn't consider this excessive. Also to those who may be having idling problems (rough,surging) this may be due to carbon build up and there is a TSB for that.I used Lucas cylinder and switched to Mobile 89 octane gas ans after about 4 tanks of gas and taking it out and jumpin on it a few times it runs and idles great.
I've had this car a number of years. The car is consuming a lot of oil. I've been driving back and forth between Raleigh and Concord. I had my oil changed in mid July. This morning I had to put 3 quarts in just to hit the min marking on the dipstick.
Every 3.5L 300 driver I have talked to (maybe 8 or 9) has the same oil consumption issue. I figure on 2 quarts between synthetic and 1 between regular oil changes. Needs to be checked every month if not more often.
It's always gone through oil quickly, and I bought it used, but now it's chugging through several quarts every 2,000 miles. No noticeable burning, smoking or leaks.
I have the same problem with my 2005-300 Touring, though I use standard 10W-30 oil. I also see the same issue with my 2006 Chrysler Pacifica with the same engine. I have 190,000 on my 300 and 133,000 on the Pacifica. I usually add a half quart of oil at about 2,000 miles and I'm good until oil change. The problem doesn't seem to get any worse.
1qt per 1000 miles...always been that way. First time I hit the "6000"mile oil change interval, it ran out of oil and probably damaged the motor. what a joke. Service manual says 6K btw.
having to add a quart of oil after 2000-2500 miles or low oil light kicks on. I can understand a little bit of oil use, but a quart after 2000 miles!