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Excess drain on battery due to faulty radio on Chrysler Aspen

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A weak or dead battery may be caused by power draw from the radio. If the radio display flickers with the key removed and the doors closed, radio replacement will be needed.
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Chrysler Aspen Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 87,222 (11,000–180,000)
3 model years affected: 2007, 2008, 2009
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Radio display is blank, Radio operates but cannot use the NAV system due to lack of display. Dealer wants to replace radio at HUGE cost>
Dead battery, Gages jump all over and clicking noise has happened to my Aspen too. This time it also is making another weird grinding like noise (almost the same sound as when you move your seats only louder.
This seems like an extremely common problem the more research I have done - I am stongly considering reaching out to an attorney.
I'm on my 2nd radio! this has happened at 80000 and 121000 miles....I have a switch on my battery to unplug the battery any time I stop for more than 3 hours.
It really sucks!
My battery continually drained overnight. The third Chrysler dealer I went to told me it was my radio. Since Chrysler no longer has a rplacement radio I bought an after market radio. This stopped the problem for three months and now I have the same problem. My other major problem is that I live in the greater Nashville area and there is NO Certified Hybrid Technician who can work on my car. Nobody wants to touch it and Chrysler Customer service seems to care less about my issue.
Battery dies overnight..I have made sure to turn radio off before turning off ignition. Still the battery is dead..put in new battery..still happens..but I have read that the radio replacement does not solve the problem...what else can I do????
I've had crazy electrical problems with my Aspen. The radio was replaced. Then the drain tubes for the sunroof clogged and the excess water drained into the dashboard and floorboards. This made headlights blinks, panic button went off during the night, inside dome lights came on and the front front drivers power seat moved back and forth. I've purchased many batteries as a solution to this problem.
Took it to a Chrysler dealer after the Aspen kept being dead after sitting overnight. They replaced the radio and the information center. After a few days same issue started again. Took it back to the dealer. I was told it was a faulty radio that was put in. They replaced the radio again. Went to pick up the vehicle and it wouldn't start at the dealership. They kept the vehicle and looked at it. I was told a modular had stuck. Picked up the vehicle and then after a few days the radio stopped working. Took it back again and they put in another radio. Had the Aspen back for a week or two and it didn't start again. Took it back and they said it was the instrument panel that was coding to be faulty. They replaced it and had the vehicle back for a few days and the vehicle will not start again.