Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Cost

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The average cost for a windshield wiper blade replacement is between $55 and $88. Labor costs are estimated between $26 and $34 while parts are priced between $29 and $54. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.
Note about price: The cost of this service or repair can vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Related repairs may also be needed. Talk with a RepairPal Certified shop to learn which repairs might be right for you.

What is a windshield wiper?

Windshield wipers are responsible for removing liquid from the windshield. Some may be rated for ice, but most often, ice will destroy windshield wipers.

How does the windshield wiper work?

When the windshield wipers are activated, the switch sends a signal through the fuse, and possibly a relay, and power reaches the windshield wiper motors from one of two paths. When it reaches the windshield wiper motor, the motor will being moving back and forth as quickly as the driver has selected. When the wiper motor turns, the wiper arms, which are connected to the motor, and contain the wiper blades, move across the windshield, causing the wiper blades to drag liquid off the glass.

What are the symptoms related to a bad windshield wiper?

The moment water touches the windshield, you know if you need new windshield wiper blades. If your wiper blades are torn, cracked, hard, or brittle, it is time for replacement. Wipers should also be replaced if the wiper blades only smear water around, seem to make a mess, streak the windshield, and miss large patches. If you are unhappy with the current wiper blades on your vehicle, this is a very economical change to make.

Can I drive with a windshield wiper problem?

Driving without windshield cleaning components is not typically considered unsafe, but there will be no system to properly clean your field of vision if the need arises. If the windshield cleaning system is heavily relied upon in your location, consider repairing the system sooner than later. Also, this system works together to clean and protect the windshield, when one component fails, the risk of damage to the windshield is elevated. Lack of lubrication, incorrect windshield wiper angle, and worn windshield wiper blades are all causes of streaking, grooving, and scratching the path of the windshield wipers into the windshield.

How often do windshield wipers need to be replaced?

Windshield wipers are maintenance items, and the replacement schedule is listed in the owner's manual. If the windshield wipers wear out before the specified mileage, and must be replaced early, This is normally due to using the windshield wipers dry, on ice, to move debris from the windshield, and catching a damaging foreign object under the wiper blade.

How are windshield wiper issues diagnosed?

Most often, windshield wiper blades will be noticed on an inspection, or noticed by a driver who is dissatisfied with the level of performance, or materials in their current windshield wipers. When a vehicle hits the mileage mark for a factory scheduled maintenance interval for windshield wiper replacement, they should be changed as soon as possible, but most times, they will not be, and a technician will take notice when the vehicle is in for the next oil change. Lastly, if the customer complains that the windshield wipers miss spots, move water around, or streak water, the windshield wiper blades will most likely be recommended for replacement sight unseen.

How is a windshield wiper replaced?

Windshield wiper blade replacement is straightforward, but directions must be followed, even by a master tech. There are many variations of windshield wiper clips, and learning each individual one is less important than understanding the process. The instructions are read for the particular clip style, the old wipers are removed by following the instructions, and the new wiper blades are installed by following the instructions.

RepairPal Recommendations for windshield wiper issues

When selecting replacement blades, the environment should be taken into consideration. The most expensive wiper blade is not typically needed in desert environments, and a single blade design is not well suited for Michigan winters.

What to look out for when dealing with windshield wiper issues

When replacing a windshield wiper blade, a non-OEM windshield wiper blade will most likely look differently than the OEM wiper blade. Avoiding this issue requires replacing both windshield wiper blades with one brand, or replacing the defective wiper blade with the exact type that was previously installed.

Can I replace the windshield wiper myself?

Wiper blade replacement is the easiest maintenance task on a vehicle. If you need help, most auto parts suppliers don't mind giving you a hand after you purchase your wiper blades. Of course, if you would rather have someone replace them for you, repair facilities will usually send an employee to replace your wipers right away,

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