Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Cost

The average cost for a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection is between $105 and $134. Labor costs are estimated between $105 and $134. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.

How Much Does a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Cost?

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Service and Cost

What is a pre-purchase car inspection?

No protective measure is better when selling or purchasing a vehicle, than to have a third-party, ASE certified technician perform a pre-purchase inspection on any vehicle before a transaction is made. The certified technician will provide expert advice on every system of the vehicle, and can easily save thousands in unexpected repairs.

How does the pre-purchase car inspection work?

The vehicle will be test driven by an ASE certified technician. He will not any noises, or issues he feels, smells, or sees. When complete, if 1996 and newer, he may look at the operating conditions while driving, and determine if there is anything to address. While checking driving reports, on-board diagnostics (OBD) codes are examined, and any pending codes may be investigated. Afterwards the vehicle will receive a thorough visual and physical inspection, and any noises or concerns will be investigated. The technician will ensure that several wear items are still serviceable including the brakes, shocks, lights, belts, spark plugs, wires, tires, and anything else that is part of the original vehicle. By the end of the examination, the technician will know every part of the vehicle, and give you a solid, and reliable diagnosis and price for repair.

Can I drive for a pre-purchase car inspection?

Driving to a pre-purchase inspection is normal, but the technician might request the car be left overnight, so they can observe the vehicle when it is cold.

How often are pre-purchase car inspections performed?

This inspection should be completed at least twice every time a vehicle is bought and sold. Whether buying or selling a car, both parties should have a vehicle inspection completed. If one party decides not to complete an inspection, that party may have no claim to the condition of the vehicle prior to the transaction.

Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Repair Information

RepairPal Recommendations for pre-purchase car inspections

If a seller will not allow a pre-purchase car inspection, the chances are high that they are aware of a serious issue, and caution should be taken if proceeding. Many repair facilities allow their shop hands to conduct pre-purchase inspections, but these are not typically ASE certified technicians. Make sure you request the work to be completed by an ASE certified technician, or, if possible, an ASE certified master technician.

What to look out for with pre-purchase car inspections

Vehicles that come with warranties should still be inspected prior to purchase. The warranty may not cover quality repairs, or may not cover repairs at all. In these cases, the pre-purchase inspection can offer protection for the buyer.

Can I perform a pre-purchase car inspection myself?

Pre-purchase inspections are generally not recognized should you need it, unless it was performed by an ASE technician. Additionally, the ASE technician conducting the inspection will give you the most accurate information about any vehicle. This inspection must be completed by a certified technician.

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