Lexus LS430 Problems

Erratic Operation of the Multi-Display Panel on Lexus LS430

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Various issues may develop with the multi-display panel. Our technicians tell us a redesigned multi-display panel is available which may correct these concerns.

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Lexus LS430 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 77,750 (50,000–120,000)
2 model years affected: 2003, 2004
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My multi function display with GPS, climate controls and pretty much controller for many items is off most of the time and comes back on under certain conditions such as being parked in hot sun, etc. while the climate can be controlled in a limited fashion by using driver/passenger temp up and down buttons, the mode cannot be changed. So I try to keep the vent ready for a rainy day (literally) to avoid fogging up.

When the display eventally comes back up, it stays up for a short time and then packs up again. So, I make adjustments as needed in this small window (literally)
Temp display and clock blinks or goes black when I first start car or occasionally when driving. So far, the display and multi display come back on, but I need to rest clock every day. I just replaced the battery, though that would cure the problem, so far it has not.
Chronic problem with the electrical system. First, the heated/cooled seats did not work, then the side view mirror failed to open, now there is a short somewhere and the entire car frequently can't start; total power loss. Also, the low tire sensor continues to remain on again and again after purchasing new tires and returning to the tire store to shut the "low tire" signal off. I am beginning to hate this car!! It has cost me nothing but my wasted time and tons of money in the 4 digits.