Engine Will not Start Due to Wireless Control Module Fault on Jeep Liberty

A no crank or no start condition may develop due to electronic lockup of the wireless control module (WCM), also referred to as the Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM). When this module fails the remote keyless entry system will also not operate. The WCM is commonly replaced to correct this concern.

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Average mileage: 83,672 (13,000–194,000)
10 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, more2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
51 people reported this problem
36 people shared problem details
2008 Jeep Liberty90,000
Every couple of months, with no rhyme or reason, the vehcile will not start even if it was JUST running 2 minutes prior. I checked the battery and the voltage is just under 13v. I assume it's related to this. I saw a link on how to remove a fuse and put it back in 30 seconds later to fix the problem.
Everything works but wont crank
Sometimes when I try to start the car I put the key in and turn and nothing, try again and nothing. Try again and it starts. Doesn't happen all the time. Same thing happened at 30,000 miles and they replaced the skeem module for free. Had the car in the shop and it did it again when the service manager was present. Left the care for 2 days and they couldn't repeat the problem. Computer checked out as nothing wrong. Took it home started for 2 days fine, 3rd day same thing happened again. I think it's the skeem module again they think not. I'm confused.
2012 Jeep Liberty76,587
So the problem started about a month ago when i started my car it started and died about 5 seconds later. Took the key out and tried again and then it ran fine. The problem got worse, to the point where I figured out if I threw it into drive shortly after starting, the car would drive normal. (Knowing these is very bad on the engine). Then after a couple weeks the problem completely went away, until one day it left me stranded in a parking lot. My girlfriend came to pick me up, get it towed, etc. Then while we were trying to push it into a parking stall, she put in her spare key and the car started with no problems. Put my key in, started then died, hers back in and it ran fine. Okay we solved the problem right? Bad key whatever. Until today when it started the problem again with the "good" key. So confused. Tight on cash/trying to figure this out on my own if possible.
I had the exact same problem with my Jeep. When I read what the expert said at the top I thought to myself what do you do with any computer when it locks up. RESET it. I disconnected the battery waited a few seconds and then reconnected it. The car started up without hesitation. I took it straight to the dealership. Told them what Repairpal said and what I had done to fix it. They replaced the WCW and I have not had a problem with it since. Thanks Repairpal!!!!!!
2011 Jeep Liberty59,000
I have the same problem with my 2011 Patriot. Usually on a short (5) min trip to the store or something when I get back in the car it will not start. Then over the next few days it will happen again often randomly but will stop for about another month until it starts doing it again for a few days. I took it to the dealership and they said it didn't produce any errors and since they couldn't get it to replicate they couldn't do anything for it. Also talked to Jeep customer service and they said the same thing. Absolutely no help at all! They even suggested next time it happens to call a tow truck where they would turn the key and put it in neutral and have it work for them I am sure. How does this get diagnosed? What test do they need to run because I am sick of it!
2009 Jeep Liberty71,000
Keyless entry permits entry into Jeep, have dash lights, head lights, you know will not start, not a low battery. WCM? Any of you who have replaced it take care of this problem?
2012 Jeep Liberty22,000
Car will not start intermittenly, no crank noise. Dealer says they can't repeat the problem, and the computer does not show anything. I am not happy, bought a new car because I needed a dependable car.
I want to report that my car had this problem even after many attempts to fix it at the dealer. Finally it has been fixed, and I will tell you what they said was the problem in my car. The SENSOR that tells the car that it is in PARK….. was not working, so the car would not start at random. After changing the starter etc, which didn't work, they fixed this sensor and it has worked so far. So if you are having the problem with not starting, ask them to check this part. Good luck! I don't think I will buy another jeep, even though I have had 5 or 6 and loved them. This car has been a complete lemon! NOT dependable at all.
2007 Jeep Liberty67,000
Bought it used two months ago and the day we brought it home, it wouldn't start in a store parking lot. A passer-by got it to start and we took it straight back to the dealer. They kept it for two days and could not replicate the problem and no codes on the computer, so they said they couldn't do anything about it. It has sputtered a couple of times since then (randomly) but has started until today. Today we can't get it to start even after removing battery terminals, waiting and then trying again. RI-Effing-DICULOUS.
2012 Jeep Liberty18,000
Has no crank condition. Been to dealer 3 times & the problem continues.
2003 Jeep Liberty57,000
Attempted to start car this morning and nothing. Dashboard lights on, power windows work. Attempted to jump the car and nothing. After reading prior posting on this site I now believe I am experiencing a similar wireless remote module fault Tow driver also believed this may be issue. We attempted to start car with spare key with same results. Key inserted into the driver door and panic alarm was activated.
2010 Jeep Liberty114,000
It randomly won't start
2002 Jeep Liberty98,000
I have a 2002 Jeet Liberty. Intermittently will not start. After about anywhere ranging from 5 to 30 min will start. Thought it was solenoid in starter, changed it, thought I was good to go. Next day happened again. Read several forums on this problem. Not looking good.
2011 Jeep Liberty52,354
can was running perfectly, stopped in front of my house to salt the driveway, went to start the car to park it and nothing. Just a clicking sound and all the emergency lights cane on at the same time. All electrial is working, hopeing it is not the Starter, Engine, or Transmission.
2005 Jeep Liberty145,000
i park the car and next day he won't start
2008 Jeep Liberty95,000
Car wont start sum times i have to hit the steering wheel a couple of time to get it to start
2006 Jeep Liberty120,000
my car won't start ,won't crank and all the lights come up,the battery is good ,I even bought a new one.
2005 Jeep Liberty20,567
I would drive the truck fine go to the grocery store come back out and the truck won't start have to get a jump in order for it to start I've already changed the battery spark plugs excetra
2003 Jeep Liberty74,000
Car is no crank no start. Will suddenly start than die, after leaving key in almost start position car will start. Happens about 1-3 times a month
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