Dodge Dakota Problems

Engine problems due to intermittent connection in crank position sensor wire connector on Dodge Dakota

Problem Description and Possible Solution

On the 3.9L V6 and 5.2L V8, an intermittent connection in the crank position sensor wire connector can cause poor engine performance or the engine may crank but not start.

(35 people reported this problem)

Dodge Dakota Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 157,996 (53,000–276,000)
10 model years affected: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, more1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003
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1 owner. dies going down road.also sporadic tac., new tune,changed cam sen. twice and crank sensor 3 times.tack was ok after first cam sen change. before recent crank sen change it died and it took about 30 min for mechanic to get there then it just started. he wiggled the crank sen and truck died but did get a crank sen code.i'm thinking of buying the next cr/sen at dealer if it is any different. any ideas????????????
This truck stops running for no reason, then will start if it sits for a few minutes. It will cut out at times and the tach and everything shuts down, then it's okay for a few minutes or months. Sometimes will not start when cold. this is an automatic, V8, 4WD
Sometimes hard to start; sometimes engine dies while stopped at a redlight or stop sign. Sometimes it dies while cruising. Usually I shift it to neutral and it restarts in this condition. Occasionally while running engine will suddenly buck like it has a drag cam in it.

Had plugs, plug wires and distributor replaced but still have problem. Coil is fine,
'93 Dodge Dakota 3.9 engine will crank but not start. Was told it might be the ignition module and crank position module. Still awaiting results of diagnostics.
Truck has always ran good , started it this morning , (sunny day , 94degrees in shade) ,after it ran a couple minutes , we start out , and less than 2 miles from home , it just died like you turn off the key , and when tried to restart , cranked like it was out of fuel . I walk back home to get tractor , when I get back to truck , it started once , but then died , and crank and crank , never acts like it is getting any spark. I pull it the short distance home , soon as I unhook chain , I hop up into cab , hit the key , it fired right up . But knowing vehicles do not "heal" , I know the problem is still there , just trying to track it down now .
Truck stalls at various times, high speeds, in normal traffic, at stop signs,starts some times but mostly after sitting 10 to 15minutes
My dodge. Spits and sputters still and sometimes it runs OK I just changes my crank shaft position censer wht dou suggezt
My problems are exactly everything it says in the description on this site. Have not fixed it yet. Will report back as it goes from here.
stop running going down start some times. replaced cam sensor first and ran for 2 to 4oo mi then stopped running again. replaced crank sensor 2 times in 300 miles. now has 62k no problems so far. is a wonderfull xcab sport,v6 auto. aqua color original no issue paint.some mechanics say get sensors from dealer. I didn't.
Engine died driving down highway yesterday with know warning of a problem. It started back after a couple minutes only to die once more and that was it. I'm trying to get it running as it's our only vehicle and my wife has health issues
Intermitten problem. Sometime will start & run fine. Other times starts and stalls. Will not idle. Sometimes runs fine on interstate, then will lose power, slow down. Shutting off and restarting sometimes helps.