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Engine Overheating Due to Failed Cooling Fan Controller on Mitsubishi Outlander

Problem Description and Possible Solution

An engine overheating condition may develop due to a failed radiator cooling fan controller. The failed controller should be replaced to correct this issue.

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Mitsubishi Outlander Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 124,054 (65,000–192,987)
3 model years affected: 2003, 2004, 2005
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Exactly the same thing here, overheats when idling, cools down when accelerate. Noticed when black smoke started coming from under the hood while picking my son up from school. The coolant container got so hot it blew the lid off and all the coolant needed up on the ground. Melted some plastic around the battery casing. I turned off the ignition just in time. Towed it to a shop, they replaced the fans and thermostat, seemed to be ok for a week or so. The problem has returned, but now AC is blowing hot air too. Checked everything else for damages, leaks, malfunctioning, everything is in great condition. Now even a quick drive-through or an idle at the red light are enough to overheat the engine.
My radiator was leaking so go get a new radiator ..then thermostat .was suppose to be the problem but car stills runs hot ... the dealership charged me$261.45 and tell me I am to pay $123.34 to look at the car more...
Radiator blew because of overheating; coolant level was fine, but fans failed to cool engine even after cutting ignition
Still arguing with Mitsubishi to get to the bottom of it
Engine began to overheat because cooling fans wouldn't turn on. Now I have a blown head gasket and car doesn't start right away. It turns over but I have to hold the key for about ten seconds before it fires up. Any ideas?
Did the recall and honestly I didn't check to see if the fans worked afterwords, but did notice A/C still didn't blow cold, wasn't big deal was winter time anyways. My radiator blew and I'm finding myself having to change it and thermostat "better safe than sorry", as I may as well since I'll have it all torn down. Heading back to dealer to question the change in controller, due to recall. This is getting a bit tiresome and expensive.
Only on hot days above 75 degrees or so. Engine temp climbs rapidly while car is idle after being used.
Car overheats in the warmer months when idling. Once, I start moving again the car returns to normal.