Geo Tracker Problem Report

Geo Tracker Engine Oil Leak From Front Crankshaft Seal

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An engine oil leak may develop from the front crankshaft seal due to hardening of the rubber seal. There is a revised seal and sleeve available to correct this concern. Our technicians tell us that changing the oil every 3000 miles may help prolong seal life.

oil leaking from front crankshaft seal. where can i purchase a seal and repair sleave. -
we recently installed a brand new crankshaft and front and back seals, now the front end of the crankshaft is leaking oil badly and we believe that the seal wasnt the right fit, where can you buy a sleeve and will this fix the problem -
replaced the front oil seal 3 times and it still leaks -
Oil leaking from the front main seal -
I have oil all over the front of the engine no fix yet -
My car quit running on the highway and coasted to a stop on side of the road. I towed car to a shop which did not have the proper computer attachment to have check eng. light diagnosed. They did find that there were three different types of fuel injectors, (non of which were for the car!) In order to make them work, a jumper wire had been installed across from injector #1 to #4 which in effect had both of those injectors going at once. This resulted in a fuse blowing . That problem had been overcome by placing a small wire in the fuse socket. Having no fuse resulted in the computer to blow out! solution? Had proper injectors installed, rewired, rebuilt computer! Also had new struts, shocks, wheel bearings, tires, brakes, and rebuilt trany installed. "Then" the front oil seal gave out! (I'm looking for a used low mileage "Crate" engine now!) Bill so far? Over $7,000. It's a "keeper!" Can't afford to let it go! -
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