Mercedes-Benz ML430 Problems

The Door Locks May Cycle Rapidly on Mercedes-Benz ML430

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Electrical switches in the door latches can fail, causing the door locks to rapidly actuate up and down multiple times when the locks are activated by either the keyless remote or door lock switch. The affected door latch should be replaced to correct this concern.

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Mercedes-Benz ML430 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 142,304 (10,000–255,000)
3 model years affected: 1999, 2000, 2001
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I have a problem eith the door locks. when you press the button on the key, the doors do not unlock. how do you fix this problem
I have the same problem. when i unlock the door with the remote and after i open the door the door locks rapidily move up and down .about three times then stops. repeats again when i use the remote door lock again. I had to replace the passenger door lock for the same problem which was very expensive. Now the diver door is messing up. I cant afford all these problems.
Rear drivers door lock makes a sound as if the lock is going up and down 3 or 4 times and does not activate the lock to move up or down. Since this problem occurred the car no longer automatically locks when put in drive.
Door locks seem possessed when you push the clicker or on console and doesn't lock the doors anyway. Started when the door panel on driver side starting coming loose. Needing to fix this as am going into the city and would like to be able to lock my doors when there. there are several other things going on with it as well but don't know if I'm suppose to put it all on this one or make additional ones but will find out and be back.. thank you for your willingness to help.
doors won't stay locked leaving unsafe for my children. does rapid up and down and then stops. Repeats this every time I slow below certain speed.
Very frustrated with this problem. Every time I lock the car doors the door locks go up and down multiple times
just got thr car and the front doors do not lock. when you hit the lock and unlock they actuate 3 or 4 times like they are trying and then the back doors lock and the front do not. and they actuate when u stop and go in traffic also. what is the fix to this.
it has not been fixed. Rear Passenger door lock was pressed down too hard (now it won't open) and the rapid crazy locking like a vault has stopped. Do not know how to correct.