Electrical problems from bad battery cable on Volvo C70

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The battery B+ cable has problems with the terminal end necessitating replacement. Symptoms may include no start, cranks wont start, warning lights coming on and other odd electrical issues. The B+ cable end is located in the engine compartment fuse box near the drivers side shock tower.

Problem Data
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Average mileage: 82,062 (40,000–157,000)
10 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2011
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If I do not drive the car for, say, three or more days, DEAD. After jumping and driving, usually cures the problem (if I drive every day). Yesterday, while driving at night, it went completely dead -- not even enough to turn on flashers. I was able to jump and get it home.
The problem starts with the speedometer dropping to 0, ABS, Brake and another light comes on. MPG does not show. Fuel and Temp gauges and RPM continue to function. Now last night the yellow arrow started blinking. The lights will then come on and speedometer will function. If I hit a bump it all starts again!!!

I am in search of solutions.
I had the battery replaced last summer.
Could the B+ cable have been affected? The first time the car acted up was last November but it immediately went back to normal function.
The scenario has occurred randomly.
Battered just randomly drains. Immobilizer happens. Dealership has diagnosed:
1. Bad battery (had to pay for a new one)
2. Software update needed for drop top
3. Alternator replaced
4. Key has to be re programmed
4. Money money money
Just keeps happening and there is no ONE reason. Should be a recall and repaired free every time.
Had not closed trunk completely and found battery dead 2days later. Tried to jump battery and it wouldn't take. Had car towed to dealership and was told the B+ cable was bad and had drained battery cells (battery was purchased June, 2012) and I would have to have both battery and B+cable replaced. Battery: $190.00. Cable: $165.00.
Model V70 At Random times after the car has not been used for 1 day or longer it will not start. This has happen at least 3 times. Dealer is saying the battery is bad.
Battery drains after sitting in garage for a few days. Read forums and took to Volvo dealer for Software update. A few months later the car sat for another few days and it drained the battery again. Already had purchased a new battery. Did not want to spend the time, money or frustration replacing the B cable, hoping to fix issue. Tired of driving around with a jump box in my trunk. This along with a few other issues (driver door opening on its own while driving with top down) and two rear wheel bearings going out by 60000 miles prompted me to sell. Too bad cause I really loved this hardtop convertible, but could not rely on it.
Loud clicking- no turn over. All warning lights illuminate. After a 30 minute wait, the engine turned over and started. Believe this may be a battery problem as the courtesy lights were on while I was detailing the car for about an hour- which I didn't realize. This is second time I've had this problem. At least I'm next to my building this time and not in Montauk.