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Power windows may fail on Buick LeSabre

Problem Description and Possible Solution

Drivers may notice the inability to raise and lower the power windows. This may be on an individual window, or multiple window failures. 

Generally when multiple windows fail, the error is the master control switch on the driver door panel, but the window motors and regulators are often the issue. 

Correcting the issue will require testing the fuses, window switches, and window regulator motors. Replacement of one or more window regulators is the most common corrective action. 

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The two front windows will not go down or up. Luckily both Windows are up. Looking to check fuse but don't know which one to check, if there is one.
The three passenger windows quit working. They wouldn't stay up either. Evidently there is some kind of cable something or other in it, and that came apart and got all knurled up in there. I don't know cuz its my x's car and I never took the panel off to look at it. But anyway, the driver window is fine, the other 3 are not working and one has a wedge holding it up.
Front window controls not working. Rear windows work from drivers side controls and lock works but not the front windows
Power window failure starting with passenger front, followed by passenger rear some months later, then finally the drivers side window failing in the rolled down position.
Three of the four window regulators failed. Metal wire broke on all three. 50-70 dollar part. Paid dealer $500 to replace the first one. Did the second one myself and it took 1 hour 30 minutes, only 15 minutes to replace the third one. Found a great instructional video on youtube.
The rear window on driver's side will not go up or down. We are taking it in to be fixed today, June 24, 2014. This car has been driven very little.
front passenger quit while down. Some noise and movement in down position, will not move more than 1/5 inch.
The automatic windows stopped working. They window would fall down and would not go back up. 3 windows so far. Last working window is the the rear drivers side.
Passenger window goes down but have to pull it up. Back driver side falls out of its track if opened too far. Just recently front driver side window fell down and won't come back up.
Just bought this "cream puff" from an elderly lady's estate. Very low mileage, rarely driven. First my rear passenger side window started falling down. Could not raise or lower the window electrically. A regulator was the problem, and was going to cost $300-400 to replace. Decided to just have body shop to permanently disable window in closed position. Then about a month later, the front passenger window would not go back up after it was all the way down. You can hear the motor run when pushing the button to go down, but does not make a sound when trying to raise the window. Taking back to the body shop today to see what it is going to cost to fix this problem.
Drivers side window won't go up, most likely a bad regulator according to the mechanic. Just dropped it off to be repaired.