Day Running Lights May Not Work Due to Failed Resistor on Saturn Vue

The day time running lights (DRL) resistor may fail causing the daytime running lights to stop working. Our technicians tell us a failed resistor will require replacement.

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Average mileage: 104,595 (30,000–223,000)
6 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2006, 2007
40 people reported this problem
20 people shared problem details
2004 Saturn Vue85,000
Daytime running lights stopped working. Now, when the vehicle is started, the DRL light flashes rapidly approximately 5-6 times and then goes off. Have not fixed the problem yet...wondering if there is a recall on this???????
2006 Saturn Vue50,000
No DRLights Where the hell is the resistor to change located>
2007 Saturn Vue120,000
exactly where is the dlr "resistor" and how to remove and replace it on 2007 Saturn vue
2004 Saturn Vue63,000
Not fixed yet, automatic daytime running lights not working,
I have replaced the resistor for the DRL and they still do not work
Day running lights don't work
when i select drive my DRL indicator lights up then starts to flicker for about six times then goes out.. so i do not have this safe feature operating correctly....
2002 Saturn Vue104,000
DRL Resistor for day lights is not working,never with new one. So I took the resistor out. All lights still work just no day lights
2005 Saturn Vue60,000
The daytime running lights stopped working.
2005 Saturn Vue161,000
replaced resistor checked bulbs , switch relay , still don't work
2005 Saturn Vue161,000
drl flasses on dash & goes out
2005 Saturn Vue166,070
DRL flashes goes out now only the drivers side light come on and no high beam at all
2006 Saturn Vue77,000
No more DLR indicater. Day time Running light not working now.
2004 Saturn Vue78,000
need to buy new resistor also need new resistor for heated seats don't care about heated seats and turn on running lights and fog lights at dusk and dawn really don't need to fix this minor problem
2006 Saturn Vue174,000
Daytime running lights stopped operating. Lights flickering when I hit a bump/pothole. Told that I need to replace old headlamp assembly due to being overpowered by newer headlamp assembly (driver side) to solve the electrical problem.
2005 Saturn Vue223,000
All other lights are working, but same as other reports. Green DRL light flashes rapidly then goes out.
2006 Saturn Vue185,000
Relays are fine. DRL don't work. Brights do work. I guess its the resistor.
2002 Saturn Vue121,000
I currently have this problem but do not see a viable solution. DRL resistor seems to work some of the time according to other people who have this problem
2005 Saturn Vue75,000
Mine also quit working. I replaced the resistor and dtey quit again in about 5 miniutes. back to the drawing board....
2005 Saturn Vue78,000
Daytime Running Lights not function
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