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Doors won't lock using clicker on Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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Rear, passenger door does not lock properly. Complete scenario: I use the remote key entry to unlock all the doors (hit the button twice). I hear all doors unlock. Then, when I hit the lock button, all doors lock except the rear, passenger door. The normal "chirp" from the alarm is not heard, yet the alarm turns on. When I try to open the rear passenger door, it will open, but alarm goes off. I basically spend the next 5 - 30 minutes opening and closing the door until it finally locks and all doors are completely locked. Has anyone experienced this and what was their remedy? Did it require a new part?
I had the same problem with my 09 Jetta this morning. When I used the remort to lock the doors, it did not beep the horn. When I opened the driver's side rear door, the car alarm went off. I tried opening and closing the door several times to see if it was not shutting fully, but the problem persisted. I then cleaned off the metal door catch and tried it again, this time all doors locked and the horn beeped. I don't know if this was the problem, or if it was just a coincidence. Maybe there is a sensor in the latch that wasn't working because if dirt.
Rear door drivers-side. When using Keyless entry doors won't lock. The door above is culprit. All others lock. A short alarm sounds when all doors are locked. Presently no alarm sounds. Any suggestions for a fix. By the way I did use my second clicker which is brand new. Therefore battery is new.
Started wth driver's rear door, now all doors remain unlocked. Solonoids activate, but locks don't engage.
Had this problem with my 2010 VW Jetta SE. Rear driver's side door would not lock. Used remote and key-in-door to lock, each time the horn would beep like the doors would lock, but I was still able to open the rear driver's side door no matter what. I am the type of person who NEVER wants to pay someone to do something I can do myself, so I tried to fix it on my own--and succeeded. And strangely enough it was by looking at the manual. In the index in the back there is a section called "Locking all doors in an emergency". It describes a black rubber plug on the inside of the door (indicated by a lock icon). Just pull that plug off (using the key helps), and then inside there is a red lever-type component which can be moved using your key. I flipped that up, and everything started working perfectly. Door now locks and unlocks without issue.
had the same problem, pull the rubber plug above the door latching mechanism, lubricate the plunger and free it up using a srewdriver or small round rod, by moving the plunger back and forth. I did this for all the doors and have had no more problems
all doors lock except drivers door with key fob. you have to physically use key to lock drivers door.
Rear passenger door won't lock. Same problem that everyone else is having. Trying to find someone other then Volkswagen to fix. Probably will take time
Rear drivers door wont lock with remote. Started today and after searching it found it to be common problem. called dealer and part is $185.
Driver's side door lock inside the car suddenly stopped working. If you press the button, nothing happens. I also found out that when I use the clicker to lock the car, it wasn't actually locked. The door opened and set off the alarm. Looks like I will have to stick to using the key until I can take it in for repairs (quoted at $300).
One year ago from this writing, I advised the VW Dealer "Quirk" in Manchester NH of this. They made it seem as if it never happened before to anyone, and that they had never seen nor heard of the problem. But they said they would look into the problem and get back to me. Every time I went in for an oil change, it was the same thing over and over. Always seemed to be news to them and they would look into it.

Now, realized that in a 2010 Jetta, electronic locking is the ONLY method of locking. Thus, my driver's-side rear door was always vulnerable. I also had and have two young children, so the issue of locking is rather vital. When I ordered them to fix the thing regardless, I was quoted "over $500 in parts alone."

So what would be a clear Consumer Fraud and Safety issue in any Federal District Court, as well as a Products Liability civil matter would first require that I be damaged, and that would mean some injury or serious jeopardy to my kids. Not gonna happen, and the VW attorney's know that.

Its VERY slimy of VW. Its old-school slime from the 1970s, and its going to cost THIS VW dealer many bad reviews and warnings to avoid. The drivers door is now doing the same thing, and I've had it. A sign goes on my car tomorrow to avoid Quirk Motors.
Rear door on 2012 Passatt would not lock. Took advise of 2009 jetta owner's posting and lubricated locking mechanism on door with WD40. It worked!! However, this should be a response from the dealership instead of a $498 estimate to fix. Thank God for the internet.
Same thing driver door won't lock but alarm goes off if door opened. VW needs to hire someone who understands electricity when they develop cars. Light bulbs always need changing. Now I just keep extras in the car because I am tired of getting stopped by the cops. Driving while Volkswagening.
same issue with rear doors not locking anymore and the windows don't open/close I have to open/close them using front door buttons
Rear door does not lock with remote or when car gets to a certain speed, thus causing the locks to activate and keep clicking every time I start moving. Spoke to ve customer care and they told me pretty much too bad you are over the warranty period
My front drivers side door has had this issue for a long while now. Once the door latch was replaced under warranty and the issue dissapeared for awhile only to come back. Now the rear drivers side door wont lock at all and the alarm wont set. Ill try lubing the plunger but not certain that will fix it may just have to replace the latch assembly. My trunk latch also foesnt like to work right.
Same problem with remote not working on left passenger door. Have to unlock using manual lever on door. Dealer says problem is faulty door latch and remote, they are replacing both. Will report back if this is not the solution.