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Door Lock Assembly May Fail on Volvo S70

Problem Description and Possible Solution

One or more door lock assembly may fail and cause door locking/unlocking problems.

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Volvo S70 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 152,146 (65,000–285,000)
3 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000
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passenger door latch does not open from inside have to roll down window to open door from handle outside. Sometimes electronic window will not roll down with passenger control and driver side has to do it.
It is not fixed.
driver side door will not open, had to take door panel off inside and probably cut the door panel to get to the striker for the door lock and chisel off
Sometimes only the driver's side unlocks with the remote, other times maybe two other doors open along with the driver's side door but rarely if ever does the remote unlock all four doors. Inside the vehicle when pressing the central locking system all door latches tend to stay in the downward position. It is a case of hit or miss as to when and which door will unlock from inside or outside the vehicle.
passenger front door lock does not work manually or remotely.
door cannot be locked.
after research it's the door latch assembly which is a mechanical and electrical device that locks the door.
a torx 20 and torx 25 screw driver along with a couple flat head screw drivers will help you replace it with a new one ($150) within the hour.
doors don't lock \when lock is activated by key fob. Then if door is opened alarm goes off and car start is inhibited
This is common prob in this s 70 Volvo. Daughters car locked from inside and out. Luckily I am Pro Body man. Even for me, this was was extremely difficult job. The lock fails internally. Cannot slim Jim. Must rip door panel off. remove bolts of window Reg. Must cut inch of metal out of way of lock, to get access. Must Air chisel Lock to bits. open door. buy new lock. straighten metal, this is tough part because lock MUST be positioned perfectly , to work properly. I learned the hard way. good luck youll need it. Joe
Door is closed and cannot open either from inside or outside. Handles do not work and you can hear electronic locks still work, just does not unlock door. I have removed the interior door panel, cannot figure how to disengage lock...
Electric Door locks will unlock but will not lock. Told all four door acuators are worn out. Cost $259 per door to fix.
My back passenger door cannot open at all. inside or out. My driver side door can open from the outside but not the inside due to the handle not catching. Also be careful the thing that pop up when its unlocked come out really easy.
Drivers door operates separately from other doors, electronic key fob will not unlock drivers door, other doors still working. Seemed to begin during
Ultra cold weather. Drivers door will lock but not unlock electrically.
Drivers door operates independently from 3 other doors. It will lock with key fob, but will not unlock electrically. Not repaired. Cam timing sensor went out at approximately 114,000 mi. Causing a no start condition, mimicking a blown head gasket.( it looked like there was coolant in the oil ). After much consternation, the plug wires, coil pack, and cam timing sensor were replaced, restoring car to a running condition. Heater/AC motor also failed at about 106,000 miles. It was a general motors blower motor. Replaced with a Canadian unit. Had problems removing rusted rear brake rotors to get to emergency brake parts inside of rear rotors. MANY hours later, they're both replaced. Rotors were rusted "in". Speedometer had become intermittent at about 113,000 miles. That and timing belt are next on my list. FCP Euro was helpful on brakes. Thanks, Necky
Any suggestions on the speedometer would be appreciated. I've done all of this work myself, and I'm definitely NOT a car mechanic. I'm a musician.
Driver door unlocks/locks from physical key just fine. Unlocking/locking with interior button and keyfob does not work. Occasionally twitches when I hit the interior button, but never fully locks or unlocks.