Audi A6 Problem Report

Audi A6 Digital Display on Instrument Cluster May Fail

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The digital display portion of the instrument cluster may fail. Our technicians tell us the entire instrument cluster will need to be replaced to correct this concern.

lines through display and faded parts. Why isn't this a recall issue? -
The instrument panel works however the display lighting does not come on. I can hear the navigation and the radio but cannot see anything displayed on the monitor. -
digital display faded/failed -
Digital display has failed -
No digital display lights and the dealership ripped me off on the warranty. Dealership: Audi of Roswell Georgia. Dealership ripped me off $1000.00 dollars that I did not have. Dealership held my car hostage for the $1000.00 dollars. Dealership was waiting on parts for 3 months. Dealership gave me loaner courtesy car while my car was being serviced. I said "gave" me a courtesy car while my car was being serviced. Dealership stole the courtesy car out of my driveway. Dealership made me pay for loaner courtesy car when they said it was a "loaner courtesy car". Dealership lied about the 3 month wait on parts and was waiting for my warranty to expire on warranty and never replaced the digital display lights on my car but instead held my car hostage until I paid for the courtesy car and added days onto the amount that they said I already owed because I could not come up with the $1000.00 dollars right away. Wow and all I was trying to do was get my digital display lights that was under warranty and instead went through hell. They never recouped my money. Audi of Roswell Georgia is a horrible place to buy a car from. There was never a solution just an existing problem. -
Lines through the digital display and low contrast on the characters. Apparently not designed reliably to last. Low tech analog gauges would have been better as they would not be expected to fail as regularly as these do.. -
Digital display pixels started to fail -
My gas gauge has been reading funky and recently the digital displace went out. I currently only have notifications showing if the car is in park, reverse etc. the rest above is completely out. -
Digital display fails to display information properly. Horizontal lines of pixels are burned out. The problem is throughout the entire display, including the current gear display. -
Ignition control module went car was showing random misfire but wasn't shaking or having any rpm issues. I cleaned out the ICM, changed spark plugs, cleaned out injectors and reset the battery. hopefully this will do it if not will start changing the coils. Any suggestions please feel free. Car drives like brand new was never affected by the misfire but cant seem to get rid of the code. -
Same as other described. Going to sell car -
Digital display on instrument panel has lines through it. Also I notice that on hot days I can barely read anything on the display like it fades in heat. In winter the display seems to work fairly well (when the inside of the car is cool). -
Check engine light and digital display on instrument cluster fail. -
Digital Display panel would fade out after about 1 hour. It became a shorter of period of time over the years and now it is faded to the point that you can't read it right from the start. -
A single line through the dash display. -
Just purchased the car and the whole instument panel had lines thru it and was very hard to see, on the way home, a 2 1/2 drive it totally disappeared and was not visible at all. Is this common and how do you fix it? -
digital display failure -
the Display in the dash for the computer has lines thru it and is getting difficult to read -
lines through the instrument display -
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