Delay before crank start and no starting. on Mercedes-Benz ML350

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When turning the ignition key there is either a several second wait, or will have to retry.
Car has left me stranded, where key is in the on position but nothing registers and only auxiliary electrical works (stuff that works when no key in ignition.)
This problem started occurring after a service interval where half a dozen error messages required some steering parts to be replaced.
Knauz Mercedes kept the car for a week and could find no fault.

I am having trouble with my 2010 ML350. sometimes when I turn on the ignition, the electronics do not turn on, and the car will not start when engaged. if I turn the key off and try again it may or may not work, but it will work after a few tries. I notice the problem about a month ago, but it seems to be getting worse. I am concerned it will stop working and leave me stranded. I will take to MB to fix.

My wife was not able to start the engine after several try. No indications of the ignition key No lights indicator whatsoever. We have to leave the vehicle overnight at Her company parking lot. Next day the car
was able to start with no problem. Later the same day she had the same problem.

My 2010 ML 350 hesitates to turn on. Sometimes I wait with it turned and it kicks in after a few seconds. Sometimes I restart and it works. Today,it's not starting at all. Usually right after I turn it off for a short errand and go right back to start is when I notice more hesitation. Apparently, I'm not the only one. Has anyone had this fixed or know if Mercedes is fixing this problem?

2010, ML-350. Samething happening to me too. After driving for a while (30-40 miles) then I would stop at my mail box place or in front of the house. When I start again it won't start. Engine would crank but won't start. If I let it sit for a while 15-20 mins and it starts.Getting more frequent. I sent to dealership and they cannot find any problem.

While turning the key ignition will not crank over at times will take from 5 to 10 min to crank over.. Sometimes longer depends how long the car has been on.

I turn key to start vehicle and their is a delay before it starts , I can also turn key to start and quick turn back and nothing happens , so to start the vehicle i turn key wait 2 second and then it starts ,,This is bs................will go to dealer .................JJ

Just started doing this in hot weather For the last week or so. Has always started after the delay Except once when it acted completely dead. I turned off the ignition switch and turned it back on again and it started right away. Hopefully someone has a fix for this. Anyone on the forum had this fixed? Please advise. Appreciate your responses.

I just purchased a used 2011 ML350 from a Toyota Dealership. I have to jiggle the fob in the ignition or insert fob immediatley after opening the door. Sometimes this works sometimes it doesn't. I removed fob one time and the radio stayed on even after opening the door. When I inserted the fob again I tried jiggling it to get it to shut off and the fan comes on along with lights in the front and rear. I had to remove the negative battery lead to keep it form draining the battery. The dealerhip thought it might be a bad Fob so they ordered another one. Turns out after they received the new fob and programed it they are have trouble starting it and the radio remains on. I'm glad it happened at the dealership. They say if they can get it started they are going to drive it to a Mercedes dealership to have them find/fix the problem.

ML 350 Blue Tec The car doesnt start or there is a long delay when I turn the key . Intermittent and getting worse. I put the key in the ignition and there is a delay in the ignition and at times no ignition at all.

Wont start when I turn they key. try again and sometimes it will start. seems to be getting worse.

Really don't know whether this is a software problem ( a relatively inexpensive fix) or a component failure ($$$$$), but have experienced the same type of failure.....first, only occasionally, progressively getting more frequent and more frustrating....2010 W164

Would not start in Twin Falls Id on the way down here.
jumped it and started.
had new battery installed ran to Wells NV would not start again, jumped it and started. Did not shut off till arrived home. Shut it off and started right up. MB dealer in Palm Springs after $211 diagnostic charge told me it was the module. For $1380 they will fix the problem. And they smiled when they said it.
Now what do I do???? Can independent shops do this work or does MB only have the codes, etc.

Guys I had the same none starting problem and its the EIS Ignition Module make sure the dealer codes it too the command unit or their will be a command issue the car works fine but command is in anti theft mode or something to that matter

I bought my 2010 ML350 about 6 weeks ago and after a couple of days of owning the car, I began to have problems EVERYDAY with starting the vehicle. After I put the key in ignition switch and turn switch to start position, there is a 5-6 second delay before starting, but over the last 6 weeks, and during the hot mornings and afternoons, car will not start at all. The key is in the "on" position but nothing registers and only auxiliary electrical works (all things that come on when door is opened and no key is required). I have been stranded many times since purchasing the vehicle and am truly disappointed in Mercedes Benz for not trying to correct this problem for the many owners who have and are continuously experiencing the same problem. HELP!!!!

Turn key and intermittent no crank/no start, attempt 2/3/4 times before it cranks and starts.
Service visit to MB dealer charged $430 labor & $545 for EIS/ignition starter switch replacement. WOW!

Turn key and nothing happens then try again and it starts. Doesn't show anything on diagnostics. Mercedes Benz says electronic ignition switch over $643.00. Not a stocked item. Problem is intermittent but like always you can fix or walk!

I did have the same issue, Now I am very dispointed.

I have the exactly same issue, to be fixed. I believe this is kind of MB recall matter.

I have run into this issue with my 2010 ML350~been waiting for a week to even have the issue properly diagnosed!