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Defrost not blowing on windshield on Chrysler Town & Country

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Defrost was working on the windshield, not defrosting windshield now. all air is coming out of the A/C vents in the Van.
Turned on front defrost the other day and the air was only blowing out of front A/C vents. Nothing from the top of the dash...
Defroster does not blow any air on windshield. Ice forming on the inside while I drive in winter
I can hear the click click when I choose to dial from vent to floor or to defrost but the air always comes from the vents on the dash. For some reason I have no control to change the venting of heat or air. Where should I look?
The air flow direction switch stopped working, and the temperature controls are inconsistent. I can hear the air conditioning compressor turning on and off, even when it is supposed to be off. It is stuck in the forward vent position and does not switch to feet or windshield. It has not yet been diagnosed or fixed.
Front Mode Control of air distribution system is not operating. This means that I have no control anymore in directing the air properly to defrost the windshield or to focus the heat toward the floor and away from the faces of people sitting in the front seats.
Blower stopped working at defrost level. Wont blow air on winshield. Only comes out vents in face.
Unable to direct airflow to windshield or foot area. Only blowing into my face from center of dash. I "rebooted" computer by disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes by pulling off the the cables. When I reconnected the battery the van computer reset and the blower worked in all modes again.